Vilently Ill ‎– Tour Demo '04

Knot Music ‎– none
Cassette, Album, Single Sided


Tour Demo 2004
A1 Jaded To Perfection
A2 Crash N Burn
A3 Runnin' Your Mouth
A4 Destroy Texass
A5 Room Cleaner
A6 I Don't Skate
A7 If You Want Real Change
A8 Looking For Action
A9 Heal The Earth (Live)
20 More Songs 2004
A10 3 Chord Brain 1:32
A11 Brand New Brain 0:28
A12 It's All Top 40 To Me 0:33
A13 Instrum-mental 1:01
A14 Turn It Up! 0:48
A15 Turn Off The Set 0:31
A16 D.U.I. Not D.I.Y. 0:57
A17 Chained To Life 0:20
A18 Lame Ass Pop Punk 0:48
A19 Steal From Yr Boss 1:08
A20 Where Is The Next Wave 0:39
A21 Danger NYC Winter 1:16
A22 Fed Up 0:41
A23 Now's The Time 0:30
A24 Power Of The Goat 0:29
A25 Forever 1:15
A26 No One's Puppet 0:37
A27 Suicide Bomber 0:35
A28 Chemical Spill 0:46
A29 Rockin It Tough 1:03
Best Of Summer 1997
A30 Sacrifice 0:10
A31 Extreme Turntable Terror 0:30
A32 Bury The Hatchett 0:25
A33 Sell Your Soul 0:17
A34 Thirld World Kicks 0:37
A35 I'm Not Doing It For The Kids 0:59
A36 Settle For Shit 0:30
A37 Pills, Guns, Rope Or Gas 0:55
A38 Smiles Through Lies 0:29
A39 Ne Reason To Live 0:23
A40 Posers At The Mall 0:25
A41 System Of Fucking Bullshit 0:23
A42 Safety Pin '97 0:25
A43 Mental Midget '97 0:25
A44 What's Your Limit? 0:38
A45 Heads In The Sand 0:15
A46 I Wanna Be A Role Model 0:56
A47 In Your Face 0:10
A48 Everything Dies 0:28
A49 Piss On Your Authority '97 0:30
A50 What Would Jesus Do? 0:18
A51 Explain Yourself 0:27
A52 Full On (And Full Of It) 0:16
A53 Straight Force 0:25
A54 Flag Of Youth 0:22
A55 Repulsion 0:36
A56 Question Everything 0:35
A57 The Brotherhood 0:35