Violent Gorge / SickToDeth ‎– Violent Gorge / SickToDeth

Blackjaw Records (2) ‎– BJR004


A1 Violent Gorge Diotic Decortication
A2 Violent Gorge Embolaliac Cachinnationn
A3 Violent Gorge Lacuscular Void
A4 Violent Gorge Cantatory Catacoustic Borborologist
B1 SickToDeth Uninsured Anxiety
B2 SickToDeth Rheumatism
B3 SickToDeth Dystocia
B4 SickToDeth Carcinoma In Situ
B5 SickToDeth Hypothyroidism
B6 SickToDeth Morbid Amputation
B7 SickToDeth Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
B8 SickToDeth Achlorhydria
B9 SickToDeth Regurgitate
B10 SickToDeth Desiccate
B11 SickToDeth Ferrocalcinosis
B12 SickToDeth Granulomatosis
B13 SickToDeth Intoxicated Autopsy
B14 SickToDeth Hemizygous
B15 SickToDeth Cytokine
B16 SickToDeth Electroretinography
B17 SickToDeth Zygomycosis
B18 SickToDeth Liver Devastation
B19 SickToDeth Arteriohepatic
B20 SickToDeth Patellofemoral Syndrome
B21 SickToDeth Anesthesia Overdose
B22 SickToDeth Ectopia Cordis
B23 SickToDeth Absence Seizure
B24 SickToDeth Splenectomy
B25 SickToDeth Morgue Annihilation
B26 SickToDeth Falciparum
B27 SickToDeth Impetigo
B28 SickToDeth Genetic Agranulocytosis
B29 SickToDeth Schizencephaly
B30 SickToDeth Haemorrhage
B31 SickToDeth Epispadias
B32 SickToDeth Osteochondritis Dissecans
B33 SickToDeth Postmortem Infection


Edition of 100 copies.
50 tapes are red, 50 tapes are black. Includea a Blackjaw Records sticker.
10 copies for the bands and label have a red cover. (this copy)