Violent Misery ‎– First Step To A Violent Misery



1 Prochaine Station... 0:18
2 Grind As Fuck !!! 1:13
3 (11) 0:40
4 (8) 1:04
5 A Little Trip 1:26
6 (5) 0:59
7 (7) 1:42



Recorded in december 2012 and january 2013.

Thank you <a href="">Antoine</a> (<a href="">Ratbomb</a>) for this record.


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April 29, 2013

Violent Misery : "First step to a violent misery" Demo-CDr 2013
This young grind band emerging from Strasbourg, north-east of France, started in January 2012. They released this first demo in march 2013, on CDr and for free download, which contains 7 songs for a total running time of 7:25 min ! So expect here extreme, fast, straight in the face, grindcore.
From my point of view, globaly it needs a bit more maturity, but this band deserves to be followed. The riffs are very interesting and they have their own originality, that mean at the first listening you won't say "it sound like this band, or this band..." which i think is a good point.
Riffs are catchy, with some thrashy parts, fast with just few slow breaks. Drums are brutal, always alternating from speed to blastbeats, not constant all the time, but as i said it needs to be improved, so you won't blame them. The 2 singers add more brutality to the general atmosphere with powerful vocals composed of 2 different screaming vocals, 2 different growlings, a rageous one and just some gruiks. The sound of this recording, very good and powerful was recorded by Antoine from Ratbomb.
Follow and support this promising band.

...And as the title of the 2nd track : Grind as fuck !!!

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