Violent Noise Attack ‎– Complete Deafness 1988/1989

F.O.A.D. Records ‎– F.O.A.D. 091
Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Yellow


Grind 'Till Deafness (Split 7" with Agathocles, Recorded in 1989)
A1 Final Execution
A2 Vicious Circle
A3 Consumption/pollution
A4 Slow Death
A5 Charity For Profit
A6 Personal Stand
A7 You're Unfair
A8 Peace...For Rent
A9 Brainless Politicians
A10 Instru-mental
A11 A Bottomless Pit
A12 Diatribe
A13 Thrash
A14 Blind To The Truth
A15 Slaughter House
Final Execution (Demo 1988)
A16 Meat Is Murder
A17 Capitalism Sucks
A18 Thrash
A19 Straight Attitude
A20 Nuclear War
A21 Rich Bastards
A22 No
A23 Society's Victim
A24 Positive War
A25 Brainless Politicians
A26 Think And React
A27 Generic Alternative
A28 Fall To Your Knees
A29 Stabbed In The Back
A30 Fucked Up Minds
A31 Media Control
A32 Verbal Aggression
A33 Corrupted Mind
A34 Positive Thinking
A35 Death Dealers
A36 Straight
A37 Autopsy
A38 Perpetual Movement
A39 Dead Born
A40 Final Execution
A41 Dismembered Corpse
A42 Bad Reaction (Outrageous Feelings)
A43 False Faced
A44 Negative Way
A45 A New Form Of Rebellion
A46 Positive Gore
A47 True And Pure
A48 Meat Is Murder (With Alternate Intro)
A49 C.Y.M.O.D. (Demo 1989)
A50 Dismembered Corpse (Demo 1989 And "1984: The Fourth" V.A. Lp)
Rehearsal Tape (12/2/1989)
B1 Dismbembered Corpse
B2 Freedom (Unreleased)
B3 Meat Is Murder
B4 Ignition (Unreleased)
B5 Sad Reality (Unreleased)
B6 Just Say No (Unreleased)
B7 No Turnin' Back (Unreleased)
B8 Scream For Your Rights (Unreleased)
B9 Last Generation (Unreleased)
B10 The Voice Of Reason (Unreleased)
B11 Brainless Politicians
B12 No
B13 Society's Victim
B14 Fall To Your Knees
B15 Verbal Aggression
B16 Stabbed In Back
B17 Autopsy
B18 Bad Reaction (Outrageous Feelings)
B19 Final Execution
B20 Consumption/pollution
Live In Morainville (France 10/6/1989)
B21 Meat Is Murder
B22 Dismembered Corpse
B23 Final Execution
B24 Fall To Your Knees
B25 Vicious Circle
B26 Consumption/pollution
B27 Slow Death
B28 Charity For Profit
B29 Peace...For Rent
B30 Brainless Politicians
B31 Slaughter House
B32 Thrash
Live In Paris France 8/4/1989 (Soundcheck)
B33 Dismembered Corpse
B34 Final Execution
B35 Thrash
B36 Brainless Politicians
B37 Unreleased
B38 Stabbed In The Back
B39 Slaughter House
B40 Vicious Circle


Limited edition of 100 copies. Comes with a 4 page insert featuring liner notes, photos, original artworks and flyers.

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