Four Saints In Three Acts
Prologue (A Narrative Of Prepare For Saints.) 10:42
Act I (Avila. St. Teresa Half Indoors And Half Out Of Doors. / Tableau I: A Garden At Avila In Early Spring. St. Teresa Is Seated Under The Tree Painting Flowers On Very Large Eggs.) 5:46
Act I (Tableau II: St. Teresa II With Dove, Being Photographed By St. Settlement.) 1:56
Act I (Tableau III: St. Teresa II Seated. St. Ignatius, Kneeling, Plays Guitar.) 2:41
Act I (Tableau IV: St. Ignatius Presents Flowers To St. Teresa II.) 3:26
Act I (Tableau V: St. Ignatius Showing To St. Teresa II The Model Of A Heavenly Mansion.) 3:25
Act I (Tableau VI: St. Teresa II In Ecstasy, Seated, With Angel Hovering.) 3:01
Act I (Tableau VII: St. Teresa II, With Halo, Pretending To Hold A Baby In Her Arms.) 4:21
Act II (Might It Be Mountains If It Were Not Barcelona) 4:55
Act II (Dance Of The Angels) 4:26
Act II (Love Scene) 11:14
Act III (Barcelona. St. Ignatius And One Of Two Literally.) 4:01
Act III (Vision Of Holy Ghost) 12:21
Act III (Storm In Miniature, Without Rain) 1:12
Act III (St. Ignatius Predicts The Last Judgement) 2:09
Act III (Saint's Procession) 6:56
Intermezzo 1:35
Prologue To Act IV 1:53
Act IV (The Sisters And Saints Reassembled And Reenacting Why They Went Away To Stay.) 3:47