Virgil Thomson, Gertrude Stein - Orchestra Of Our Time*, Joel Thome ‎– Four Saints In Three Acts

Nonesuch ‎– 9 79035-2
2 × CD, Album


1-1 A Narrative Of Prepare For Saints. 10:42
Act I
1-2 Avila. St. Teresa Half Indoors And Half Out Of Doors. / Tableau I: A Garden At Avila In Early Spring. St. Teresa Is Seated Under The Tree Painting Flowers On Very Large Eggs. 5:46
1-3 Tableau II: St. Teresa II With Dove, Being Photographed By St. Settlement. 1:56
1-4 Tableau III: St. Teresa II Seated. St. Ignatius, Kneeling, Plays Guitar. 2:41
1-5 Tableau IV: St. Ignatius Presents Flowers To St. Teresa II. 3:26
1-6 Tableau V: St. Ignatius Showing To St. Teresa II The Model Of A Heavenly Mansion. 3:25
1-7 Tableau VI: St. Teresa II In Ecstasy, Seated, With Angel Hovering. 3:01
1-8 Tableau VII: St. Teresa II, With Halo, Pretending To Hold A Baby In Her Arms. 4:21
Act II
2-1 Might It Be Mountains If It Were Not Barcelona 4:55
2-2 Dance Of The Angels 4:26
2-3 Love Scene 11:14
2-4 Barcelona. St. Ignatius And One Of Two Literally. 4:01
2-5 Vision Of Holy Ghost 12:21
2-6 Storm In Miniature, Without Rain 1:12
2-7 St. Ignatius Predicts The Last Judgement 2:09
2-8 Saint's Procession 6:56
2-9 Intermezzo 1:35
Prologue To Act IV
2-10 Prologue To Act IV 1:53
Act IV
2-11 The Sisters And Saints Reassembled And Reenacting Why They Went Away To Stay. 3:47



"Four Saints in Three Acts" is an opera with words by Gertrude Stein and music by Virgil Thomson. It was written in 1927 and 1928 in France and first performed at the Hartford Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut, by an organization with the resounding name of The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music From there it went to Broadway where it played some sixty nights — not much for a hit musical, but a lot for an opera — and became a legend.
It has been performed since, notably Friday the 13th, November, 1981 in Carnegie Hall, New York, a performance which honored the composer's eighty-fifth birthday and became the basis for this recording."
— Excerpted from an enclosed essay by Eric Salzman.

Recorded November 1981 at Rutgers Church, New York, using the JVC Digital Audio System (DAS-90).

Includes 48-page booklet with complete libretto and notes.