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February 8, 2003

Imagine Peter Brötzmann and early Pharaoh Sanders blowing together to a microphone connected to an amplifier connected to an amplifier both tuned up to eleven. Add some Edward Vesala with hammers and full dishwashers and there you have it.

Excellent and enjoyable all the way to the otologist.

Seriously speaking, and even though unfortunately I'm no noise specialist, this surely has to be one the best noise records of the recent years.

The music is evolving and moving, and no loops are used in the upper layer of sound, whereas the rhytmich bubbling underneath shapes in a somewhat fixed pulse. This fortunately does not get in the way of extremity, since there's no clear beats to create an unnecessary feeling of comfort. The longer tracks do demand some large amounts of concentration, but hey, that's what proper music's about.

Just try to accept the sheer energy and power of the sounds mr. Powersource creates and you'll find yourself in a somewhat curiously relaxed state. Enjoyable, too.

This earfilling and brainboiling record of pure sound can easily be ordered from the saviour of finnish electronics, the great site.