Vivisick / Fuck On The Beach ‎– Here's Come Motherfuckers

Comberan Records ‎– CR006
Cassette, C60


A1 Vivisick I Know
A2 Vivisick Distort World Distort Future
A3 Vivisick Worthwhile Worthlessness
A4 Vivisick Rise Again, Never Die
A5 Vivisick Fight For A Pride
A6 Vivisick Kill The Boredom
A7 Vivisick The Generation Are On The Dead Culture
A8 Vivisick Selfish Jap Equality
A9 Vivisick Mass Ignorance
A10 Vivisick Border Line
A11 Vivisick Thrash-Poach-Crashers
A12 Vivisick Dedicate To All Crooked Critics
A13 Vivisick Roll & Survive
A14 Vivisick Frustration
A15 Vivisick Liberty Of Sensation
A16 Vivisick Alarm Chain Handle On Opposite Wall
A17 Vivisick Sweet Themepark City
A18 Vivisick Plot
A19 Vivisick Non-apa
B1 Fuck On The Beach To Sad To Be Alone
B2 Fuck On The Beach All Tite World
B3 Fuck On The Beach Throat Or Die
B4 Fuck On The Beach Don't Afraid
B5 Fuck On The Beach She Used To Cry For It
B6 Fuck On The Beach Broken Black Hole
B7 Fuck On The Beach I Have Never Seen Myself
B8 Fuck On The Beach Don't Call Out
B9 Fuck On The Beach Suddenly Insert
B10 Fuck On The Beach Tired My Life
B11 Fuck On The Beach Fuck On The Beach



Tracks A1 to A12 taken from "Landing To Brazil Of Japanese Mother Fucker" CD on Laja Records Brazil.
Tracks A13 to A19 taken from split with Mukeka Di Rato CD on Sound Pollution Records US.

Thanks to Yuki Vivisick, Tsuyoshi FOB, Ken, Mozine, Records Label & Ditribution, Kenji Terror, 5 organizer who help them tour here & you who came to show.