Vocabularinist ‎– The Spinostics Of Chukinski

Subversive Records (3) ‎– SVCD066
CD, Album


1 The Sun Is Up
2 Passenger Side
3 Underlay Rubber
4 Red For The Bloodshed
5 Remember To Dismember In December
6 Flirting With Time
7 Who's The Animal
8 Tomorrow / Yesterday
9 Skaters Wear Headphones
10 I Need An Aeroplane
11 Clock Without A Face
12 Drummin Up Disinformation
13 Burial Number 16
14 Robot Drugs
15 The Song We Forgot
16 Communifusion
17 We Are Not Responsible
18 Final Entry



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May 3, 2011

"The Spinostics Of Chukinski is the latest full length release from Vocabularinist and is the most psychedelic set of songs I've heard from these guys yet. But purists be wary because this creative combo from down under are multi-stylists and genre smashers that like to glom seemingly unrelated elements together to create completely strange and fantastically fun music.

The CD starts off innocently enough with a few drifting psychedelia songs that have an old time San Francisco sound á la the Airplane and Dead. They're really nice songs but the efx'd second vocalist on "The Sun Is Up" hints at the underlying strangeness that we've come to expect from these guys. The psychedelia slowly gets lovingly corrupted as the Vocabs throw various ingredients into the mix. "Flirting With Time" consists of bubbling, wah'd, and acidic psychedelia with jazzy saxophone and turntable scratching. A wild but killer mix that I wished would have jammed on a bit longer. "Underlay Rubber" is far trippier than most of the songs, with its lilting acoustic guitars and drifting flower power vocals, though there's a slightly hip-hoppy electro beat adding a bit of oddball variety to the music. "Skaters Wear Headbands" is a strange glom of sound samples, New Age flute melody, spacey synth patterns, and techno weirdness. "Who's The Animal" and "Robot Drugz" have some cool cosmic electro strangeness. "Clock Without A Face" gets even weirder and is more like the music heard on the Vorsichtsmassnahmen CD, which had similarities to The Residents and Vas Deferens Organization. "Burial No Lb" is a dark, pounding, cinematic piece with narration and seriously aggressive vocals that recall the early Residents. "Communifusion" is an interesting goth-metal rocker with saxophone that I enjoyed. And there's loads more fun to be had across the albums 18 tracks, though as if to circle back to the themes that opened the CD, it closes with the meditative spacey "Final Entry". " - From Aural Innovations #23 (April 2003)