Void Settler & Labyrinth (2) ‎– Deceive The World To Rule The Planet

The Third Movement ‎– T3RDM0031
14 × File, MP3, Album, Partially Mixed, 320 kbps


1 Labyrinth (2) Demise Of The Living / Departure Of The Dead 6:51
2 Labyrinth (2) Interval #1 (Stereotypical Point & Proof) 0:30
3 Labyrinth (2) Miners Worship The Darkness Embedding Their Soul 6:48
4 Labyrinth (2) Interval #2 (No Hatred Amongst Our Kind) 0:31
5 Labyrinth (2) MC Hammer's Local Crud Machine 4:27
6 Labyrinth (2) The End (Aggravated Shoeshine Assault) 0:28
7 Labyrinth (2) Indelible Tranquil Stairway From Looped Mustard Fabric 6:08
8 Void Settler Augmented Morbid Plane Rehearsal 6:39
9 Void Settler Proceed Manually 4:51
10 Void Settler Another Particle Accelerator Reminiscing About Lost Glory 5:38
11 Void Settler Illicit Angst 5:28
12 Void Settler Amphibious Lemonade Strangling 5:42
13 Void Settler Flabby Context Backache Tourist 4:49
14 Labyrinth (2) The Beginning (Lands Lost Who Rule This World) 0:53


Digital re-release of the <a href=http://www.discogs.com/Void-Settler-Labyrinth-Amphibious-Lemonade-Strangling-Deceive-The-World-To-Rule-The-Planet/release/135265>original 2003 double vinyl album</a>. In that original release, both vinyls contained respectively the Void Settler and Labyrinth tracks, and each vinyl had its own title and artwork cover. The digital version instead uses the title of the Labyrinth vinyl for the entire release, which is credited to Void Settler & Labyrinth, but uses the artwork of the Void Settler vinyl, which thus shows the other title and only names Void Settler as artist. Release artists and catalog number are indicated as on the label's website; they are displayed slightly differently on various online stores.

This is the version available at some online stored such as Junodownload and Trackitdown where tracks are ordered differently from the original vinyl version: the order of both vinyls is inverted (Labyrinth tracks are placed before the Void Settler tracks), except for "The Beginning (Lands Lost Who Rule This World)" which is erroneously placed as last track, whereas it should preceed "Demise Of The Living / Departure Of The Dead" with which it is mixed. Other online stores, for instance Beatport, use the same tracklist as the vinyl version.

This release is also available in 192 kbps MP3, WAV and <a href=http://www.discogs.com/release/4078675>FLAC</a> formats.

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