Voodoo Muzak ‎– White Noise

Cassette, Mini-Album




Recorded and mixed july/august 89
No hi-fi / Play at maximum volume
4 track tape


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June 4, 2012
This must indeed be an earlier tape album. It's unlabelled, and comes with a cheapish inlay card with a short 'Cyberpunk' snippit inside. The music also seems earlier - by which I mean less matured, not quite so honed as "Gnats 'N' Torreros", yet this is not a criticism! VOODOO MUZAK display in this album a stronger and more attractive leaning towards experimentalism, while retaining that same breathtaking talent for controlled and manipulated chaos.
None of the tracks are listed, so I'll have to do this by numbers. The first track on side one opens with high slamming drums over which interesting noises rise and fall. The guitar is mixed a little further back and still seems to be trying out it's milk teeth, but they are no less sharp and barbed. The vocalist shouts over the twists and turns. Track two starts off with a dense-yet-slow drum pattern over which the guitar wraps it's serpentine fuzz, under which the bass belly-crawls in slow sinuous movement while the singer wrests with his paranoia. Track three enters a little more atmospherically with sudden noises which pop up through the hammering rhythm. Synth, or possibly treated guitar creates some interesting sounds not unlike a higher-pitched, higher-frequency didgeridoo. It's a quite long track which sounds laid back, as if played to the hot sweaty atmosphere of a small venue. Track four sounds as if the drum track were projected through a large paper diaphragm while the other instruments steadily tilt and rock the track until a full-force piece of medium-paced music pulls it through to another form/shape whereon the vocalist scrawls his loud audio-graffiti.

Side two opens with a dense if a little muted track which bubbles, chugs, boils and growls as the vocalist shouts with off-centre emotions. This track sounds a little like an early demo or live track with its muffled sound. This transmutes into a slowly churning piece of white-flecked music over which taped voices rant in German. This eventually picks up pace to form a full flight piece of Rock-influenced music. This in turn devolves into an interesting track with rolling drums and noises rising, falling and playing around. This picks up pace to become a proper song with those wonderful split vocals. This again dissolves into, something else - a fairly straightforward track with the vocalist crying his indiscernable lyrics over the top. This gives way to another atmospheric thing with guitars fading and growing like machine noise while what sounds like piano-played-as-harp encompass the whole in it's grey mist. This is usurped by an upbeat song which hops as if on a hot griddle. This warps and convolutes in shape and tempo until reaching a final climax. I'm not sure if this is intended to be just one track or several, but it certainly metamorphosises well.

Another good tape album and one which should get you interested in VOODOO MUZAK.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.