Vore Complex ‎– Pavane - The Remixes

2 × CDr, Special Edition


1 Misery Loves Co. Prove Me Wrong (Vore Complex Mix)
2 yelworC Chains (Vore Complex Mix)
3 Katscan Cheap Freak Trash (Vore Complex Mix)
4 :wumpscut: Crucified (Vore Complex Mix)
5 Newlydeads Six Feet Deep (Vore Complex Mix)
6 Flesh Field Inside (Vore Complex Mix)
7 Coil Solar Lodge (Vore Complex Mix)
8 X-Marks The Pedwalk Zest (Vore Complex Mix)
9 Evil Mothers Spider Sex And Car Wrecks (Vore Complex Mix)
10 Throbbing Gristle Slug Bait (Vore Complex Mix)
11 ohGr porE (Vore Complex Mix)
12 Current 93 Christus Christus (Vore Complex Mix)
13 Aslan Faction Bring On The Dying (Vore Complex Mix)
14 Arkam Asylum $laves & Whores (Vore Complex Mix)
15 Foetus I Am Surrounded By Incompetence (Vore Complex Mix)
16 NON Out Out Out (Vore Complex Mix)
17 Leæther Strip Satanic Citizen (Vore Complex Mix)
18 Vomito Negro Dark Moon (Vore Complex Mix)
19 Morthem Vlade Art Closer To Me (Vore Complex Mix)
20 The Last Days Of Jesus Life In Line (Vore Complex Mix)
21 Haus Arafna Last Dream Of Jesus (Vore Complex Mix)
22 :wumpscut: Dr. Thodt (Vore Complex Mix)
23 :wumpscut: Die In Winter (Vore Complex Mix)
24 Throbberstalk As Black As Incest (Vore Complex Mix)
25 :wumpscut: Autophagy Day (Vore Complex Mix)
26 :wumpscut: Anaesthetics (Vore Complex Mix)


A made-to-demand CDr compilation of my non-profit, unofficial fan 'homage' remixes, originally based on tracks by band-projects that I actively enjoy drawn from across the vast spread of styles known collectively as 'Industrial' music. There are also a few interspersed bonus remixes of the Deathrock musicians I am keen on. Vore Complex takes great pleasure in remixing other musicians' work, but, despite effort, cannot always find a way to contact the artists directly before launching into each experiment. That acknowledged, I am more than happy to discuss any of my remixes with the relevant persons involved, and to adjust (or remove) any offending items from future editions of this release. So far, this has only been shared amongst an extremely restricted underground fan-base of curious and diligent listeners & collectors. Contact vorecomplex@gmail.com for more information.