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August 27, 2018
referencing Supersonic Combustion EP, 12", EP, Gre, APE016
Primate has always been muddy waters for me. At times, you really have to dig elbow deep in turd to fetch a jewel. But the precious stone is there. I have fetched a few myself. In this particular case, it is the title track of this green record here, "Supersonic Combustion EP". That track needs to be mentioned as it boasts a bass line so obnoxious that it should wear a parental guidance tag: Parental advisory: it is only explicit if you miss it.
I cannot really describe it as I know little else of its cloth, if anything at all. I guess you could say it is a soundtrack to a fist fight against oversized retpiles in a crowded apocalyptic zoo. This bass doesn't sing or hum. It's not juicy or on a diet. It roars man, for real. There's plenty going on in the background as well, making this a trippy, freaked out techno excursion that you need to embark on at least once, due to the soaring awkwardness factor. Heavy mental stuff from WJ Henze who seemingly never used to run out of ideas, even during the more prolific phases.

The remainder? Change Of Control is a percussive dance floor workout anchored by manic, bewildering hook lines flying over head. The bass line is jet fuel engine that makes the most sense between three and five o'clock in the morning in a massive hangar next to the Frankfurt airport. Other than that, it covers the all too familiar stompy, looping territory that Primate cut their teeth on. Adequate, energetic DJ fodder that is perhaps more of a relic than something you'd want to have in the bag today.

The flip side is appaling. Final Load Sheet is an attempt, gone down south, at recreating a break beat type of a vibe, and to make things even worse, they even let those ravish synth patterns "tear 'ish up". As if those weren't enough, hold on to your seats and take a fatal blow when they drop the horns around the two minute mark. My lord.
The last track had to be a joke. It just has to be on some deep humoristic philosphy I have yet to figure out. Why? Because if you thought the last one was bad, rest assured you have heard nothing, and I do mean nothing yet. The lead pumping through this track has to be one of the most disaterous, misplaced, misplayed - you name it - cheesy, wannabe melodramatic electro tinged riffs ever. This could not make it through the qualifiers for the music parody Olympics. A Tamagotchi ringtone perhaps?

All said and done, I reckon that Supersonic Combustion has a bass section quirky enough you ought to check it out. The rest, suit yourself, but there's little here that has not been handled better, especially by Jorg Henze.