W.A.C.O.* ‎– Darling Clementine

Angel Dust Records ‎– AD005
CD, Album


1 Take A Gun To The Movies 3:55
2 In Your Room 4:22
3 While You Sleep 5:41
4 The Devil In Bakersfield 3:45
5 Love 4:36
6 Twitch 5:21
7 The Stripper 4:58
8 Our 51st State 3:55
9 Beautiful 5:33
10 Get Out Of My Brain 3:51
11 Andy 4:05



WACO wouldn't exist without the vision of Frances Elizabeth Miller, our founder; also, we're indebted to Naomi Putterman who first got us to turn off our amps | Thanks list = all alumni, including Rob Zabrecky, Tassia Sonnabend, Valerie Rosenberg, Jason, Kathy Koh, Lyn Bertles and probably several others; all of WACO '97, including Jennifer Tefft and Dave Travis and probably several MORE others; all the groups on the east side who've been kind including The Negro Problem, Leather Hyman (sp!!), Velouria, Lutefisk, Sluts for Hire, Geraldine Fibbers, Micheal Whittmore Quartet, Carolyn Edwards Trio, Touchcandy, 10 cents, and definitely MANY MANY others; Johnny Angel; Falling James; 90026 and 90027 | Extra credit list = Stan from Endless L.A. who did the CD art; Paul and Jeff Stillman from Powerhouse Multi-Media who mastered the CD; Marion Burrill who sang on a non-CD track; Celeste Moreno; Nancy Whalen(obviously) | Personal list = Adam would like to thank Toast and Squibb Pharmaceuticals; Justin would like to thank Suzel and Anton for being VERY patient and helpful; Steve would like to thank the Centimeters, Stephin and Claudia, and Jen Dalton; and Elizabeth would like to thank Melody Holmes and Jennifer Heywood | Stupidly omitted list = [your name here].

All songs by Steve Gregoropoulos
copyright 1997 Temple Bells/BMI