Wanted (9) ‎– Wanted

Kompakt Exklusiv ‎– FM X / Search 001
Vinyl, 12"


Once in a while, you'll hear music so unique that you won't ever forget that first time you listened to it. But what do you do when you don't remember the artist's name? Or the track title? What do you do when no one remembers anything? Well, why not ask around... by releasing a record? Truth be told, this somewhat maverick approach isn't the weirdest thing about WANTED – that praise goes to the music itself. About 6-8 years ago, Kompakt HQ received a demo from Japan that blew us away with its stunningly brutish take on techno... or a least that's what we think it is. Here was an artist sporting some of the most alienated sounds and structures we ever heard and we fell in love with them. Not being shy around avantgardist workouts and such, we shelved the demo for future use, hoping for a moment in time when we'd know what to do with it. Well, that moment has arrived... The only catch? We don't know who the artist is.

"Wanted" is better known as "Linie Voezo" previously released on the album Yximalloo - Unpop.