Warsore, Extreme Hate ‎– Open Wound / Demo(n)s

Rip Kids Records ‎– N/A
Cassette, Limited Edition, Reissue, 25 copies


1 Warsore Industrial suicide
2 Warsore Burial ground
3 Warsore Decomposed
4 Warsore Ritual hate
5 Warsore Failed Species
6 Warsore Vegetarians barbarians
7 Warsore substance abuse
8 Warsore Social parasite
9 Warsore Open wound
10 Warsore Voiceof voceless
11 Warsore Crude stench of progress
12 Warsore Six million slaughtered
13 Warsore War paint
14 Warsore You rape, you die
15 Warsore Don't settle for death metal
16 Warsore Ritual hate
17 Warsore Decomposed
18 Warsore Intro morbid (violent headache)
19 Warsore Air attack (Crow)
20 Extreme Hate Burn the flag
21 Extreme Hate Hungry for shit
22 Extreme Hate Killing factory
23 Extreme Hate Sickening violent society
24 Extreme Hate Klamat
25 Extreme Hate Lost hope
26 Extreme Hate Clean the scene (Agathocles)
27 Extreme Hate Love problem
28 Extreme Hate Konflik
29 Extreme Hate Monument of shame
30 Extreme Hate Invocate of crime exile of beautiful horrify
31 Extreme Hate Realize that we're losers
32 Extreme Hate World become down
33 Extreme Hate Flattering suicide


2014, Cassette, Rip Kids Records (Reissue, Limited edition)



Erik (RIP) - Drums
Den - Guitar
Paul - Guitars
Mark - Bass
Warsore was a Grindcore band from Australia.

Extreme hate:

Egi - bass vokal
landy - Guitar
Tommy - Guitar
Levoy - Drums

Recording information:

Tracks 1-19 taken from "Open Wound" Demo 1996.
Tracks 20-28 taken from "Demo 2003". Recorded at K-Studio.
Tracks 29-30 taken from "Demo 2005". Recorded at Barata Studio.
Tracks 30-33 taken from "Demo 2006". Recorded at The Doors Studio.

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