Wckr Spgt ‎– Cassette Project 1

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Cassette, Reissue


Produced by WCKR SPGT

Remastered by Ayrne Bardge and Mario in 1994 at Whrilwind.

Thanks to Caroline, Jim Banwell, John Moore, Dave Carpenter, Dennis Callaci, and Princeton.

©1983, 1994 WCKR SPGT MULTIMEDIUMS. Rights Reserved.

Notes for the 1994 Wckr Spgt Multimediums release of "Cassette Project No. One"

WCKR SPGT has an affinity for prevarication. The enclosed Booklet denotes recording dates through 1984; the recording of "cassette project one" was completed in 1983
but not available until a year later. To make the recording seem more "contemporary", WCKR SPGT created new recording dates that would reflect a "morderne" vista-de-vida.
Rest assured, the true date has been, and always will be, 1983


LADY ON THE BEACH marked a turning point for Wckr Spgt. Here we see the first improvised lyric from Joel recorded over the first improvised guitar from Mark.
The "new sound" starts here. GEOMETRY, CATS, and RAW SUFFOCATION feature the wonderful vocals of Caroline (she also wrote "Raw Suffocation"). LOSING JANE, recorded almost 2 years after
"Lady On The Beach", shows clearly the refinement of the improvisational nature of early Wckr Spgt.
The groundwork laid, a new course set.

anybody can form a band
spgt formed in late '81
we had the notion that we
could be a rock band
we were wrong
dave and tim left for college
xxxxxx that left mark and joel(me)
this tape is a collection of songs
the sound quality isn't the greatest
we apologize
all we ask is that you LISTEN
if you dislike the tape,
record over it.