Weerd Science ‎– The Illogy

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3 × Vinyl, LP, Deluxe Edition

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Printed on release:
The Illogy was a concept that floated around forever. Always well outside our reach, it lived as just an idea for many years. If you are reading this you hold such a special place in our hearts and we are all so indebted to you mere words could not express our gratitude. What you hold is a dream. Against all odds. Amongst the laughter and ridicule of our peers... we preservered. Every day someone told us we couldn't do this. You hold in your hands the actual physical proof that anything is possible. We love you.

Thank you to everyone who believed and helped to make this possible: Claudio Sanchez, Travis Stever, Cage, Kyle Lucas, Michael Birnbaum, Geddes Jones, Jason-Christopher Mayer, Dave Parker, DJ Buffalo, MC Lars, Brandi Schulz, Upgrade, Brittany McGowan, Neesh, Brendan Heady, Mazeman, Daniel Grimsland, Joey Eppard, Steph Love, Alyx Tiano, Jillian Kahn Urrutia, Nemesis, Dan Sandshaw, Tammy, Maggie, and Lukas.

Chris Bittner - Kate, Marielle, and Lukas, Josh, Ern and Brandi, Mom and Dad, Mike Boom, Geddes Jones, Teddy Safarian, Eileen Murphy, Upgrade Hiphop, Billy Martin, Richie Penney, Mazema, Jake and Dave at Union Shave, Ned Singh, Matt Gallo, Tyler O'Nell, Harrison Schonberger, David McFarlin, Everyone who contributed their talent to these albums and last but not least all the fans that have supported this project and made The Illogy possible.

Ernie Falconer - I have never been so proud of any accomplishment as I am of this one. Thank You to Josh for changing my life in so many ways I don't have the room to get into here. You are an amazing musician, and the realest person i have ever met. Chris, You are a genius beyond any explanation, my mentor and a great friend. Geddes, Your artwork and your mind is so intriguing and inspires me and makes me question my reality. I'm so glad you took this journey with us. Teddy, You believed in me, more than anyone ever has, and stand behind everything I do, and I can't even explain what that means to me. Mom and Dad, Thanks for finally accepting me for the crazy son I am, and being so supportive. Mike Boom, Thanks for always keeping it real. Lastly thanks to all of my friends and all of our fans for being so supportive, we fo this cause we love it, and your support keeps us going.

Josh Eppard - Thank you to Ernie And Chris. Michael Birnbaum, Coheed and Cambria, Blaze James, Katy Ables, Adrian Lopez and anyone from Roc Nation that has ever helped us out in any way shape or form. Thank you to Tammy, without you I wouldn't be on the Earth and I could never repay you. My lil Magamugfin, Mageroni and cheese, Mag2-D2.... Maggie, You escaped my blood but never my heart. I Love you so much little girl. Stop growing. Thank you to the MC's I look up to. And lastly but most importantly the fans. God everybody says this shit right? " Oh I love you guys" " None of this is possible without you".... Jabronis. Anyway, I love you guys. None of this is possible without you!