Wendy In The Mountains And The Caves With The Slaves ‎– 'the Children in the Caves & on the Seas with the Pharisees'

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1 The children wander into the cave and are overcome by silence. As they adjust to the dark, they realise that the blackness is in fact a horde of bats, and these bats fly skyward, outside of the cave, into an heretofore unseen opening, and the children see the light of the netherworld above them. 2:49
2 Torrential rain falls upon the children, and they feel themselves drowning; but they maintain their composure and remain standing upright. With eyes closed tight, they call to the bats, although with each passing moment they realise that the bats are [​.​.​.​] 5:27
3 The children sink further and further until they are finally floating upon the skies. 0:40
4 They are free! Free from any worry, any care, and they parry and prance for all eternity. 4:59
5 A word comes from on high - you were called for a reason, dear children. Do not forsake that which you were born for. 1:02
6 The children find themselves afloat aboard a sinking barge. With only the light of madness to guide them, they scamper about, loosening the chains of their horrified compatriots and thus strengthening their own. The children drown, never to be heard from again. 8:12
7 In their final gasp, the children live a thousand lives a thousand times. 7:28
8 And then, everything is exactly as it never was again. 1:29