1 White Noise White Heat My Friend G.O.D.O.G.O.D.
2 Noise & Honey Untitled 4
3 Widow98 Beats
4 GLK Voilent (Template Mix)
5 White Noise White Heat Howls
6 Song of the Youth Painful Snow
7 CIB (Canadian In Berlin) Blacktro
8 CIB (Canadian In Berlin) Untitled
9 White Noise White Heat Black On Pink
10 Song of the Youth Rains
11 Noise & Honey Untitled 5


A conceptual compilation curated by G.O.D.O.G.O.D. himself, all music here are based on the original sound files by G.O.D.O.G.O.D. , the musician can do what they wanted to with the sound, adding texture, cut-out etc... then G.O.D.O.G.O.D. doing the final touch by adding the silence in between the tracks.