Whitehouse ‎– Never Forget Death

Susan Lawly ‎– SLCD005
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Recorded at Von's, London, April 1992.


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June 8, 2015
Take it from someone who didn't listen to the warning on the album about Torture Chamber - they're not joking around. The majority of the track can be played on high volume without any problems but it's the last 30 seconds in which the piece gets extremely loud. I was able to tolerate the ending on high volume but unfortunately it damaged my speakers and resulted in them being basically unable to play any bass frequencies anymore so I had to get new ones. Thus I really suggest not pushing it with Torture Chamber because it's not yourself you need to worry about - it's your speakers.


May 22, 2008
Never Forget Death is a great document of some truly powerful renditions of these classic songs. This album is massively heavy and brooding. It isn't quite the hybrid that made Great White Death such a masterpiece: the hybrid of their early-albums' spry youthful high-frequency feedback assault and less noisy but more twisted viscious ambience. What this is is much more the latter, a sound they never really returned to after this EP. The vocals are shredded with effects that make them sound positively viscious without screeching and ear piercing, the broken keyboards or whatever they made this with are truly making dark, brooding drone music. Nevertheless there is still the forward and direct burning analog sound of early Whitehouse and the still-deafening "Torture Chamber" doesn't let us forget that. Another highlight is "Now Is The Time," a rendition, of the vocals at least, of "Right To Kill." When William Bennett screams 'Kill!' at the top of his lungs as the war synths of the song peaks, chills run down my spine like no other Whitehouse work.