Will Jordan, Rhoda Brown ‎– Tapped Wires- Private Conversations Of Famous People

Roulette ‎– R-25204
Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono


A-1 Introduction 0:30
A-2 The Birthday Card (Zsa Zsa Gabor & Conrad Hilton) 2:05
A-3 The Really Big Show (Ed Sullivan & Albert Schweitzer) 2:45
A-4 The Search (Eddie Fisher) 1:55
A-5 The Vanishing Astronaut (Colonel Powers) 1:06
A-6 An Evening With Boris (Boris Karloff & Raymond Massey) 3:10
A-7 Blind Date In Brooklyn (Eddie Fisher) 0:20
A-8 The Big Deal (Nehru & Robert McNamara) 4:48
A-9 London Calling (Richard Burton) 0:27
A-10 The Guest Star (Lawrence Welk & David Susskind) 2:25
A-11 Rome Calling (Elizabeth Taylor) 0:35
B-1 Take Out Service (Adlai Stevenson & Chiang Kai-Shek) 1:55
B-2 The Baby Sitter (Bing Crosby) 1:12
B-3 Cultural Exchange (Tallulah Bankhead & Sabu) 2:23
B-4 The Poet's Corner (Carl Sandburg & Nick Kenny) 1:42
B-5 Operation Peace Corps (Marlon Brando & R. Sargent Shriver) 1:42
B-6 24 Hours To Countdown (Werner Von Braun) 1:43
B-7 Child Training (Doctor Spock) 0:52
B-8 Havana Calling (Fidel Castro & Nikita Kruschchev) 1:50
B-9 Star Answering Service (All Star Cast) 3:27