Winston Churchill ‎– His Memoirs And His Speeches (1918 - 1945)

Decca ‎– WSC 1-12
12 × Vinyl, LP, Box Set


A1 1918 Armistice
A2 Follies Of The Victors
B1 Follies Of The Victors (Continued)
B2 Lurking Dangers
B3 Adolf Hitler
C1 The Locust Years
C2 St George And The Dragon
C3 The Locust Years (Continued)
C4 Air Party Lost
D1 Air Party Lost (continued)
D2 The Causes Of War
D3 The Loaded Pause
E1 The Loaded Pause (Continued)
E2 Mr Edan's Resignation
F1 Collective Security
F2 Munich Winter
F3 Broadcast To The U.S.A
F4 The Soviet Enigma
F5 War
F6 The First Month Of War
G1 Ten Weeks Of War
G2 The Sinking Of The Graf Spee
G3 Liberation Is Sure
H1 The Navy Is Here
H2 Before The Storm
H3 The Sterner War
H4 Narvik
H5 Frustration In Norway
I1 The Fall Of The Goverment
I2 The National Coalition
J1 The National Coalition (Continued)
J2 Commons: Prime Minister's Speech
J3 Broadcast: Be Ye Men Of Valour
J4 The Battle Of France And The March To The Sea
K1 The Battle Of France And The March To The Sea (Continued)
K2 Commons: King Leopold Capitulates
K3 The Deliverance Of Dunkirk
L1 Commons: A Colossal Military Disaster
L2 The Deliverance Of Dunkirk (Continued)
L3 The News Is Very Bad
L4 Back To France
M1 Commons: The Finest Hour
M2 Home Defence
N1 The French Agony
N2 Admiral Darlan And The French Fleet
N3 The Unknown Warriors
N4 At Bay
O1 Commons: The First Year
O2 The Crux Of The Whole War
O3 The Battle Of Britain
P1 Commons: Secret Session
P2 Desert Victory
P3 Give Us The Tools
P4 Westward. Look The Land Is Bright
Q1 Until Victory Is Won
Q2 Birth Throes Of A Sublime Resolve
Q3 The Fourth Climacteric
Q4 Do Your Worst And We Will Do Our Best
R1 Commons: War Production
R2 The Atlantic Charter
R3 The Meeting With President Roosevelt
S1 Commons: We Are Still Masters Of Our Fate
S2 These Are Great Days
S3 The Resolution Of The People Is Unconquerable
T1 War With Japan
T2 The White House Christmas Tree
T3 Preparation, Liberation, Assault
U1 Prime Minister For Two Years
U2 The End Of The Beginning
U3 To The U.S. Congress
V1 Before The Autumn Leaves Fall
V2 The Call For A Three Power Talk
W1 Anglo American Unity
W2 Commons: Rebuilding
X1 The Fruits Of 1944
X2 Thanksgiving Day
X3 Unconditional Surrender
X4 This Is Your Victory


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September 24, 2015
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