Wisp ‎– We Miss You

Rephlex ‎– CAT 207
14 × File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps



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January 10, 2016
I have to say although this is from 2009, the album itself is timeless. It is a given anyone who is into this style of genius will appreciate the genius from the start to finish but on top of that, it is an amazing expression in a coordinated effort of expression and that translation of expression through the medium of music. This can be compared to many artists that hover around the same era of musical genres and although most of them are more recognisable in terms of merit and kudos, this album speaks volumes in the basics of originality and it displays emotional expression through composition. I would, if I could, slap a giant sticker of merit on this creation for the reason that it really moved me, mostly by the genius and the intricacy of each track's expression, but also by the fact that it utilises the power of scoring, composing and amazing sense of identity. It is one of a kind.

TLDR; Brillance as a creation, brilliance as an artist. More of this is needed. I like it. Enjoy!


February 10, 2015
edited over 4 years ago

My favourite album of all time, coming from a long time Warp fan. Such a fantastical, coherent, and complete album. Any fan of the fantasy genre and of electronic music would likely have the same opinion. The voice sounds/samples are one of the many distinguishing factors this album has, especially with the use of dialogue from Tolkien's The Silmarillion. 5/5.


January 25, 2015
Beautiful little album by Wisp. Purely electronic yet still maintaining a folksy, mythical kind of feeling. Like walking through a sunlit., misty forest in the morning on acid. The tunes are all quite happy and blissful with an edge of mystery to keep things exciting, lots of great sampling and drum programming throughout. Many tracks have a progressive approach, starting with a few key elements which are built upon in beautiful and elaborate ways. I prefer this to the Shimmering Hour which is also an incredible piece of work.


December 17, 2012

In my top 5 best albums of all time. What I wouldn't give for 48k WAVs of this piece, but Rephlex only sells 320k MP3. I can hear a massive difference in Shimmering Hour 48k WAVs versus the 320s and yearn for the same quality in We Miss You.


November 18, 2010
edited over 8 years ago
Steady progression. I like this, the "soft" ambient sound wisp introduced himself with in his previous albums (haven't listen to his EPs yet) goes well with more driven beats. For me the most satisfying release so far.


November 13, 2010
Wisp makes laptop music in the same way an armorsmith fashions plate mail, with structural integrity and superb craftsmanship. For the huntsman, it deflects the arrows of the enemy and makes thorny underbrush traversible. For the artisan, it speaks volumes of the wearer's lineage, a coat of arms woven into the filigree. It is a noble work. After all, dragons don't slay themselves. Drawing from his personal experience in the wilderness of Niagara Falls and his reverence for medieval fantasy, Reid Dunn (Esq.) has, fresh from the adventure of his LP The Shimmering Hour (Rephlex, 2009), bestowed us with another chapter in his ongoing braindance epic. We Miss You is Dunn's third release from Rephlex, and has been made available digitally, though it may as well take the form of ink on dried parchment. In this scrolling screed is a collection of bard-y ballads and honour beats, delivered sometimes in haste ("Pogonip"), other times in requiem ("Four Thistles") and even in jest ("Happy Sneakers"). When all appear on a single track ("Moss On Stone") the result is pure wonder. Like his contemporary Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb), Dunn is at home in his element, never once letting formula get in the way of personal expression. What comes through in the music can best be summed up by the six D&D attributes : strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom and charisma. Wisp's character levels up with each album. Recommended if you also dig Kettel, µ-Ziq, Ochre, Squarepusher and of course, AFX. It's about time that Dunn got signed to Richard D. James' Redruth (UK) based label, Rephlex. Welcome home.