Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - The Academy Of Ancient Music, Jaap Schröder, Christopher Hogwood ‎– The Symphonies Vol. 7

L'Oiseau-Lyre ‎– D173D3
3 × Vinyl, LP
Box Set


Symphony No. 6 In F Major K.43
A1 I. Allegro
A2 II. Andante
A3 III. Menuetto & Trio
A4 IV. Allegro
Symphony No. 7 In D Major K.45
A5 I. Allegro
A6 II. Andante
A7 III. Menuetto & Trio
A8 IV. Finale
Symphony In F Major K.42a [K.76]
B1 I. Allegro Maestoso
B2 II. Andante
B3 III. Menuetto & Trio
B4 IV. Allegro
Symphony In B Flat Major K.45b [A.214]
B5 I. Allegro
B6 II. Andante
B7 III. Menuetto & Trio
B8 IV. Allegro
Symphony In D Major K.46a [K.51]
C1 I. Molto Allegro
C2 II. Andante
C3 III. Molto Allegro
Symphony In G Major "Neue Lambacher"
C4 I. Allegro
C5 II. Andante Un Poco Allegretto
C6 III. Menuetto & Trio
C7 IV. Allegro
Symphony In B Flat Major K.74g [A.216]
D1 I. Allegro
D2 II. Andante
D3 III. Menuetto & Trio
D4 IV. Allegro Molto
Symphony In G Major K.425a [K.444] (Michael Haydn)
D5 I. Adagio Maestoso - Allegro Con Spirito
D6 II. Andante Sostenuto
D7 III. Finale (Allegro Molto)
Symphony No. 8 In D Major K.48
E1 I. Allegro
E2 II. Andante
E3 III. Menuetto & Trio
E4 IV. Allegro
Symphony No. 40 In G Minor K.550 (2nd Version)
E5 I. Molto Allegro
F1 II. Andante
F2 III. Menuetto & Trio
F3 IV. Allegro Assai