Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - The Academy Of Ancient Music ‎– The Symphonies (Salzburg 1772-1773)

L'Oiseau-Lyre ‎– D169D3
3 × Vinyl, LP
Box Set


Symphony In F Major, K.130 [K.130] (21:17)
A1 I. Allegro 5:15
A2 II. Andantino Grazioso 7:00
A3 III. Menuetto & Trio 2:05
A4 IV. Molto Allegro 6:45
Symphony D Major, K.161/3 [K.141a] (7:48)
A5.1 I. Allegro Moderato 3:10
A5.2 II. Andante 2:30
A5.3 III. Presto 2:00
Symphony In E Flat Major, K.132 [K.132] (22:47)
B1 I. Allegro 4:30
B2 II. Andante 9:20
B3 III. Menuetto & Trio 4:55
B4 IV. Allegro 3:50
B5 Anhang: II. Andantino Grazioso 3:01
Symphony In D Major, K.133 [K.133] (28:02)
C1 I. Allegro 9:30
C2 II. Andante 8:15
C3 III. Menuetto & Trio 4:05
C4 IV. Allegro 6:00
Symphony In A Major, K.134 [K.134] (19:22)
D1 I. Allegro 5:30
D2 II. Andante 4:55
D3 III. Menuetto & Trio 3:56
D4 IV. Allegro 4:49
Symphony In D Major, K.135 [K.135] (7:54)
D5.1 I. Molto Allegro 3:36
D5.2 II. Andante 2:55
D5.3 III. Molto Allegro 1:19
Symphony In E Flat Major, K.184 [K.161a] (8:31)
E1 Molto Presto – Andante – Allegro
Symphony In G Major, K.199 [K.161b] (20:23)
E2 I. Allegro 6:12
E3 II. Andantino Grazioso 7:24
E4 III. Presto 6:39
Symphony In C Major, K.162 [K.162] (9:19)
F1.1 I. Allegro Molto 3:35
F1.2 II. Andantino Grazioso 3:30
F1.3 III. Presto Assai 2:10
Symphony In D Major, K.181 [K.162b] (8:00)
F2.1 I. Allegro Spiritoso 4:47
F2.2 II. Andantino Grazioso 1:09
F2.3 III. Presto Assai 2:00
Symphony In B Major, K.182 [K.173dA] (8:48)
F3.1 I. Allegro Spiritoso 3:09
F3.2 II. Andantino Grazioso 2:42
F3.3 III. Allegro 2:53

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The Symphonies Vol. 3

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