Teichiku Entertainment, Inc. ‎– TECS-12736
Box Set
9 × CD, SHM


Disc-1 摩天-Hard Section
CD-1-1 Theme Of X-ray
CD-1-2 Lonely Guys
CD-1-3 Foolish Boys
CD-1-4 One Night Lady
CD-1-5 Hard Section
CD-1-6 Sexual Urge
CD-1-7 Come On
CD-1-8 Dark Night
CD-1-9 So Long Rumble
Disc 2 - 伝統破壊-Tradition Breaker
CD-2-1 Question
CD-2-2 Go Against The World
CD-2-3 Willful Lady
CD-2-4 Gamblin’ Man
CD-2-5 Damsel
CD-2-6 Power
CD-2-7 Born To Die
CD-2-8 Back To The Wall
CD-2-9 Last Show Time ~I Wish You Every Happiness~
Disc 3 - Outsider
CD-3-1 Theme Of X-Ray II
CD-3-2 Singing Away
CD-3-3 Love Game
CD-3-4 Bloody Love
CD-3-5 Lady Ray
CD 4 - Shout!~白夜の叫び
CD-4-1 Stardust Way
CD-4-2 Wait For Tomorrow
CD-4-3 I’m In You
CD-4-4 Tell Me About Yourself
CD-4-5 Trouble Maker
CD-4-6 Any Day! Any Time!
CD-4-7 Black Heart
CD-4-8 Stealer
CD-4-9 Reflection Hide Away
Disc 5 - Strike Back
CD-5-1 Don’t Lie Don’t Touch
CD-5-2 Rock Tonight!
CD-5-3 Burnin’ Like The Fire
CD-5-4 Take A Chance
CD-5-5 Man In Black
CD-5-6 Lier In Your Eyes
CD-5-7 Ammy
CD-5-8 In A Warnin’
CD-5-9 I Don’t Worry It
CD-5-10 You Got The World
Disc 6 - First & Final Live Concert
CD-6-1 Man In Black
CD-6-2 Burnin’ Like The Fire
CD-6-3 Rock Tonight!
CD-6-4 Lonely Guys/Willful Lady/Lady Ray/Lonely Guys
CD-6-5 Trouble Maker
CD-6-6 Stardust Way
CD-6-7 You Got The World
CD-6-8 Tell Me About Yourself
CD-6-9 Last Show Time ’’I Wish You Every Happiness’’
CD-6-10 Foolish Boys
Disc 7 - 『愛のヒーロー』『Human Dog』『Grand Metal Live』
CD-7-1 愛のヒーロー
CD-7-2 オフ・スキャンダル
CD-7-3 Power (Live)
CD-7-4 Human Dog
CD-7-5 Fade Away
CD-7-6 Burning Like The Fire -Long Version-
CD-7-7 Come On
CD-7-8 Lonely Guys
CD-7-9 Foolish Boys
Disc 8 - From The Dawn To The End
CD-8-1 Through The Night
CD-8-2 Hard Times
CD-8-3 Sniper
CD-8-4 Come On
CD-8-5 Dark Night
CD-8-6 Singing Away
CD-8-7 Bloody Love
CD-8-8 Stealer (Live At Kokura In & Out 1984.9.15)
CD-8-9 Instrumental
CD-8-10 Wait For Tomorrow
Disc 9 - Last Rehearsal For :First And Final:
CD-9-1 Man In Black
CD-9-2 Burnin’ Like The Fire
CD-9-3 Don’t Lie Don’t Touch
CD-9-4 Rock Tonight
CD-9-5 Reflection Hide Away
CD-9-6 Fade Away
CD-9-7 Guitar Solo
CD-9-8 Ammy
CD-9-9 Human Dog
CD-9-10 Drums Solo
CD-9-11 You Got The World
CD-9-12 Tell Me About Yourself
CD-9-13 Stardust Way
CD-9-14 Last Show Time
CD-9-15 Foolish Boys
Dvd - Beyond :First And Final:
DVD-1 Man In Black
DVD-2 Burnin’ Like The Fire
DVD-3 Don’t Lie Don’t Touch
DVD-4 Rock Tonight!
DVD-5 Reflection Hide Away
DVD-6 Fade Away
DVD-7 Guitar Solo
DVD-8 Human Dog
DVD-9 Drum Solo
DVD-10 Lonely Guys~Wilful Lady~Lady Ray
DVD-11 Off Scandal
DVD-12 Trouble Maker
DVD-13 You Got The World
DVD-14 Tell Me About Yourself
DVD-15 Stardust Way
DVD-16 Last Show Time
DVD-17 Foolish Boys

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 4988004148552