Yannick Dauby & Yen-Ting Hsu ‎– Chiayi Sounds #1

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1 Hsu Dong-Hai Sings "Nu-Da", 09.06.23, Xingang
Voice – Hsu Dong-Hai
2 Water Birds And Boat, 08.12.10, Aogu Wetland 4:00
3 Mouse Hunt, 09.02.06, Lucao 0:47
4 Throwing Baskets, 08.12.09 Dongshih 2:53
5 Selling Fishes, 08.12.09, Dongshih 1:58
6 Incense Making, 09.09.08, Xingang 3:24
7 Purple Cloud Temple, 09.07.26, Fanlu 2:35
8 Divination Blocks, 08.12.08, Puzih 0:55
9 Ghost Festival Opening, 09.09.11, Minhsiung 5:26
10 Interview With Lin Tan, 09.02.05, Lucao
Interviewee – Lin Tan
11 Lin Tan Sings "Hate", 09.01.11, Lucao
Voice – Lin Tan
12 Community Development, 09.05.30, Dalin 2:59
13 Farmland Treefrog, 09.05.30, Dalin 4:28
14 Tatami Machine, 09.09.09, Xikou 3:35


Yen-Ting Hsu and Yannick Dauby collaborated for building an archive various sounds of the region. This may look impossible and/or pretentious, but the intention was to make an overview, a sampling of what could constitute an auditory memory of Chiayi County. Religion, music, nature, local industry, oral history… The idea was to find a few sounds in each of the different geographical and cultural contexts.
Three years after the "Chiayi Sound Project" was completed, Yannick Dauby, Yen-Ting Hsu and Wan-Shuen Tsai extract some sounds from the vast field recordings archive to construct an aural environment to be presented at TheCube (Taipei, Taiwan), an exhibition space curated by Amy Cheng and Jeph Lo. The exhibition area is divided into several zones. The main room is a multi-channel listening space set up with various sound reproduction devices. The composition work has been influenced by sound documentary and spatialization experiments. Even though the visual element is deliberately reduced, this exhibition is not lacking in images. A catalogue of this exhibition was published containing sound anecdotes written during the Chiayi Sound Project field sessions and interviews between the curators and artists.