Yasunori Mitsuda ‎– Xenogears Original Soundtrack

K-O Trading Co., Ltd. ‎– KO-99131-2
2 × CD, Unofficial Release


1-1 Light From The Netherworld
1-2 Stars Of Tears (Opening Theme)
1-3 Bonds Of Sea And Fire
1-4 My Village Is Number One
1-5 The Valley Where Wind Is Born
1-6 Faraway Promise
1-7 Steel Giant
1-8 Forest Of The Black Moon
1-9 Shattering Egg Of Dreams
1-10 Back To Sleep
1-11 Dazil - City Of Burning Sands
1-12 Emotions
1-13 Grahf, Emperor Of Darkness
1-14 Fuse
1-15 Leftovers Of The Dreams Of The Strong
1-16 The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen
1-17 Ave, The Ancient Dance
1-18 Invasion
1-19 Stage Of Death
1-20 In A Dark Sleep
1-21 Singing Of The Gentle Wind
1-22 The Wounded Shall Advance Into The Light
1-23 Lost... Broken Shards
1-24 Tamusu, The Man Of The Sea
1-25 The Blue Traveler
2-1 Ship Of Regret And Sleep
2-2 The Jaws Of Ice
2-3 Knight Of Fire
2-4 June Mermaid
2-5 Shevat - The Wind Is Calling
2-6 The Sky, The Clouds, And You
2-7 Gathering Stars In The Night Sky
2-8 Tears Of The Stars, Hearts Of The People
2-9 Flight
2-10 Wings
2-11 Solaris - Eden Of Heaven
2-12 Back To Sleep
2-13 The One Who Is Torn Apart
2-14 Pray For The People's Joy
2-15 Omen
2-16 Awakening
2-17 One Who Bares Fangs At God
2-18 The Beginning And The End
2-19 Small Two Of Pieces - Restored


K-O Trading Co., Ltd. version of the Xenogears soundtrack, presumably intended for Japan-only, as the only track listed in English is the last track on the second disc.

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