Yoko Shimomura ‎– Legend Of Mana: Original Soundtrack



Legend Of Mana ~ Title Theme
Nostalgic Song
World Of Mana
Song Of Mana ~ Opening Theme
Places Of Soul
Hometown Domina
Daedal's Organ
Wanderer's Path
Pain The Universe
Cliff Town Gato
Earth Painting
Marginal Beast
Moonlit City Roa
Everyday Dream ~ Spirit's Song
To The Sea
Southern City Polpota
Everyday Dream
Calmly Travelling
Bedight Orbit
The Wind Sings Of A Journey
Mystic City Geo
Memory Of Running
The Darkness Nova
Ranch Night
Maker's Gallop
Dreamseed Fruit
A Good Thing
Play The Organ! (Part 1)
Play The Organ! (Part 2)
Digger's Song ~ Underground Path Song
Calm Song
Sorrowful Song
Joyful Song
Mysterious Song
Missing Truth
The Excitement Of Both Of Us
Irwin On Reflection
The Other Truth
Complicated Destiny
Bonded By The Soul
Leading Into Prosperity
The One Who Waits For The Breath Of Destiny
Depression Blues
Gem Thief Sandra's Plight
City Of Flickering Destruction
Foolish Decision
Those Who Are Shining
The Great Virtue Of Gathering Mana's Spirit ~ Theme Of Mana
Holy Power Of Mana
Silence Of Time
Nostalgic Song ~ Ending Theme Of Mana's Story
Song Of Mana ~ Ending Theme

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