Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors ‎– Satan Is A Z.M.M. Worshipper

CDr, Album


01 Satan Likes To Listen To Gospel Music With Earplugs In His Ears
02 Only My Heartbeat Can Be Heard In A Morgue
03 I Think You Don`t Think,Don`t You Think,I Think So
04 My Name Is George And I`m Riding On A Horse
05 Satan Plays The Blues But Not This Time
06 You Know That I Know You Know So We Know You Know
07 Knibbel Knabbel Knuisje
08 I Have Fun With A Plasma Gun
09 Kenobi Thinks He Is Luke`s Dad So Vader Makes Him Dead
10 It Is Because Of The Spaghetti Sauce
11 It Is 6 O`Clock
12 Short Port Sport
13 I Am Hank The Spermtank
14 PzyKedHELLik
15 Yahoo We Go To The Zoo
16 I Don`t Want New Socks But Some Beef Jerky And A Couple Of Shiner Bocks
17 Z.M.M.
18 I Surprised My Date With A Turd On Her Plate
19 Jesus Is Sitting In A Fridge Because It`s Too Hot In Hell
20 Z.M.M. Iz Dah Bomb
21 It`s Fun To Do,Put Some Poop In Your Shoe
22 The Pope Likes To Say FUCK!!!
23 I Want To Have A BBQ With Satan
24 Beer Here
25 I Like To Fart At Funerals
26 Balls Without Carrotsoup Are No Soupballs But That`s Oke Because I Don`t Like Carrotsoup
27 Muuuuh Muuuuh Muuuuh Du Bist Eine Kuh
28 The Z.M.M. Polka
29 The Cunt Of Monte Cristo
30 Boom!
31 I Am Mike And I Have A Motorbike
32 Hey Yo I`m A Psyko
33 Evil Reggae Metal
34 Silly Musick For At The Beach
35 Yah I Am A Gangstah
36 Yeah One,Two i`m Gonna Scare The Shit Out Of You
37 My Name Is Johny And Tennis Girls Make Me Horny
38 Shout Z.M.M. Out Loud Or I`ll Fart In Your Mouth
39 Bleeeh
40 Satan Stole My Skateboard But That`s All Fine Because I Can`t Skate
41 I Want To Sit On A Clean Toiletseet And Leave It With My Poop On It
42 Everytime I Fart,I Think Of You
43 I Always Wanted To Be A Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestor
44 Santa Is Having Sex With The Easter Bunny
45 Satan Is A Z.M.M. Worshipper


This is the FIRST Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors release ever! It`s a experimental mix of black-grinding-death-thrash metal with house beats, it`s a total new subgenre: ``NekroHouzeMetal``.