Zero Centigrade ‎– Unknown Distances

AudioTong ‎– ATCD10.2011



“Unknown Distances ” is a work from the borderland between composition and improvisation, melody and noise. It flows subdued yet black, like the arrival of a storm, which in addition to the cold and rain, can also bring back sadness and faraway loneliness - itself a reality that is always present as dark eyes watch us from every angle.

The blues is a presence across the entire work, but not the blues of the Mississippi plantation, who would have pleased Sleepy John Estes, but rather those of the Delta that remains poisoned because of sewage and is littered heavily with carnivorous plants, not unlike the skin of a black bluesman abducted by aliens.

The music is bare-boned, minimal, basic, clean, with the notes coming out measured and the tunes arriving in dribs and drabs, all the result of guitar and trumpet and little else.

All is set on the control of the physical volume of the sounds, which themselves vary continuously from micro to macro levels, thus shifting the listener's attention from the harmonic sound of the guitar to either the intangible or flaying of the trumpet.

In its many faces, “Unknown Distances ” will be a listening experience that will prove to be as sulphuric and peaceful, earthly and cathartic, as only the blues can be.