Zero Ohms ‎– True Degrees Of Freedom

7 × File, MP3, Album, Reissue, 320 kbps


1 The Road 6:27
2 The Spaceport 5:58
3 The Gate 11:19
4 The Inner Mission 5:41
5 The Flight 12:48
6 The Afterglow 7:33
7 The Overlook 8:08



Liner notes from Zero Ohms:
"The CD's title, True Degrees of Freedom, is from theoretical physics; it's the number of parameters required to define the state of a system, minus the number of constraints on the parameters. Usually this number is two, but sometimes..."
About track 1: "I created the freeway sounds by taking a piece of music I'd recorded with my keyboardist-brother Lolwolf, divided it into segments a few seconds long, and Doppler-shifted each segment. This is a re-make of an earlier, unreleased piece called 'Watch This Space'."
About track 3: "I am at once frightened and reassured by the random noise of unintelligible human voices. This was originally titled 'Molecular Matrix 4-3'."
About track 5: "An intentionally psychedelic, reverse-tape bowl of flute loops."
About track 7: "This track was recorded live by overlapping three flute lops. The sound of the wind was created by the bamboo sub-tone flute, and the other breathy flute was the South American panpipe, the siku."

Cover photo courtesy of NASA, the Hubble Space Telescope, & the STSciI.

Originally released as CDr in 2003.

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