Zeta Reticula ‎– EP 2

Electrix Records ‎– ETRX002
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP


A1 Untitled 4:33
A2 Untitled 4:37
B1 Untitled 4:57
B2 Untitled 5:30


  • Mastered ByNilz*

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  • Barcode: 5033154607981

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February 24, 2017

I never was, still not today, and will probably never be fond of electro. I mean, it's not like I'll be cutting the electricity short if you play it in front of me. In good company, pleasant conversation, you could keep the stuff rocking all night long. I will acknowledge, give one of those meaningless nods of... whatever, and forget about it, or just won't bother to dig deeper once I'm back home.

The only isolated case, and the only exception to the rule was Umek's second installment of the Zeta Reticula series. Even before we knew what it was, people were already asking around about that track that's on right now!
I vividly remember being awe struck once the producer's identity became known to me. Aw, yes. The days when it really did seem like Umek could walk on water. Perhaps few remember, but there used to be a time when his nervous, remorseless and synthetic productions left no one cold, and were pretty much the topic of discussion amongst techno fans, especially in the former Yugoslavian states. This was yet another plate in his championship belt, related to his (back then) highly impressive opus. Again, he pushed his nervous stabs and scratchy beats into new territories. It more than paid off, as this has to be one of the most talked about electro releases of the last two decades or so. From one angle, it's kind of weird to have producers who have recorded dozens of electro sounding EPs, and all of them combined failed to stir things up as much. Enter Umek, a Slovenian hard techno producer, a newcomer to the electro staple, and he makes the world's axis topple over with virtually the A side of this record alone. Is that unjust? I do not know, but it might be an indication as to how powerful and instantnly captivating, and oddly irresistible this piece of wax is. I say oddly because, realistically speaking, the first two tracks are loaded with his once trademark psychotic synth arrangements and totally whacked out horror vibes across the board.

A1 was the ultra obvious stand out, getting canned by everyone everywhere, in sets ranging from progressive house to pitch black dark techno, and everything you could possible squeeze in between.
Hell, I'll admi it, I was all over it, and at the time, electro was not something you could keep me busy with. Then this dropped. Everyone and their brother who usually steered clear of the genre, well, made an exception. Simple as that. This was a turn of the milenium game changer. It was pounding enough to please the techno crowds, yet with enough subtleness and finesse, just enough not to tag it with a "pure" techno work out. Then, the driving synthesiser segment was beamed down from outer space just so that all the electro nerds could go bonkers, while simultaneously, it was so outrageous and over the top, that even the rigid techno fans, familiar with Umek's demented sythetic fare fell under its spell. To top it all off, the minimalist, orchestral arrangement of the track itself, made it, for whichever reason, strike a chord with virtually anyone.

The B side contains two awesome tracks, which are a combination of Basic Channel's immortal reverberating metallic claps and clangs, and Umek's once reckless and dare-do courageous approach to production. It's flattery as much as it's interpretation and modification
Bare in mind the fact that you will find virtually identical tracks on the B side of the first and the third EP as well. Regardless, this is the one everyone will always look up to. This is the one the others are measured agaist.
What can I say? I cannot even claim to have an average overview of the electro spectrum, yet I am the first to proclaim - confidently - that this is my favorite electro tune ever. I am probably not alone either. We may not fully understand, yet we blindly adore. The power of music!


March 29, 2015
2 pure electro cuts and 2 techno cuts that are tinged with electro here from Umek. Probably his best ever work. Dark, menacing, futristic, just how these genres are supposed to be. One of the tracks featured on Dave Clark's World Service electro mix which further enhances it's reputation. A must have record!!


October 27, 2003
I believe EP2 is the best of the three... very dark, and robotic sounding (what the heck does <i>that</i> mean? I have no idea, but that fits the description to me). This is dark minimal techno that seems to ride the border on many genres of techno actually. It has a harsh edge that could almost touch acid/hardcore with its punch kick stabs and harsh analog synths, yet at the same time it has a minimal flavor of hollow echoes & reverbs, and a <i>continuous mode</i> nature to it that makes one think of Maurizio in his prime techno cut action (versus the dubby stuff). I can't really put my finger on it, but this EP is tight as all and worth getting. When sampling the other EPs, they seemed to be just slight variations of this one, but maybe I should give them a better chance.