Zumbayllu ‎– Wayra / The Wind

PAN Records (3) ‎– PAN 160
CD, Album, Stereo


1 Mayu 3:49
2 Sublime Amor 3:23
3 Cumpleaños 2:43
4 Entrada 2:34
5 Porque Te Vas / Casa 4:41
6 Tupaj Katari 2:41
7 Sayas 2:43
8 La Escalera 0:33
9 Orqo Potosí 3:47
10 El Rio Profundo / Ch'ascaña wistay 9:36
11 Carnaval Kjochalo 3:28
12 Recuerdo de Otoño 3:26
13 Chola Huarasina 2:59
14 Totora de Kalahuta 2:37
15 Potosí Manta 2:19
16 Toma Toma 2:03
17 Munankichu 2:28
18 Tinku de Mayo 3:18
19 Jacu Jacu 3:10
20 Aguaceros de Mayo 2:01
21 Gatito Miau Miau 3:27



The instruments
• stringed instruments: guitar; guitarrón (Mexican bass); charango (a small instrument with ten strings and a resonance box made of the shell of an armadillo); a wooden charango with wooden tunebuttons and metal strings from Potosí; k'onkhota (typical longnecked stringed instrument with metal strings, from the area of Norte de Potosí, Tupaj Katari).
• accordion.
• chajchas (rattles, made of the nails of goats and llama's).
• different kind of drums and small rhythm-instruments.
• wind instruments: sicus, sankas y toyos (panpipes in various lengths, which are played interlockingly in pairs); tarkas (wooden flutes with a hard, ‘jumping’ sound, typical for the Carnival on the Altiplano of Bolivia); quena (a reed flute without a mouth-piece); clarinet; kazoo (a North-American flute, on which the voice makes the tones).

Cover photograph
Dancer in the procession for the feast of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception. Bailadora de un desfile durante la fiesta de la Virgincita de Inmaculata Concepcion. Photo by Hans Elzinga, La Paz, Bolivia, December 8, 1990.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 713958016022