Zumi Tnkz ‎– Wax&MPC

Not On Label ‎– GVR-002
Cassette, Limited Edition, Mixtape


1 A side 33:07
2 B side 33:17


Type II chrome cassette tapes. Limited to 20 copies. Includes 5 bonus videos of finger drumming in the .zip file.

Hello everyone,
« Welcome to Wax&MPC »

- Dust off records and MPC to release one of the best mixtapes ever made ;)
- Bring scratching and beatmaking back
- Balance between American and French sounds.
Mix and selection:
This tape consists of several short mix. It reminds me when I lived in Osaka where I bought a lot of Japanese mix CDs. I chose boom bap, soul and jazzy, post-golden age hip-hop sounds. Mix are tributes to Starving Artists Crew, Sound Providers, Soul Square and C2C. A lot of tracks contain scratching and are instrumentals.
Making of:
You can directly press PLAY and appreciate the mixtape if you don’t care about the background :)
Intro A:
Here come Glad2mecha (AZ/ Phoenix) and Belush (France/ Paris) to spit a verse on Wax&MPC’s first “anthem”. I made the beat and scratched the chorus. Glad2mecha hosts A side.
Mainly up-tempo tracks. It was uploaded on Youtube for the first time in 2012. It’s the simplest mix in this tape, almost recorded live in one shot. I used pre-recorded loops, one shots and loops on the fly with my MPC.
Sound Providers:
One of my favorite mix :) Laid back atmosphere with a lot of instrumental tracks. A lot of records used. First time I’ve used a multitrack recorder for this project too. Intensive use of the MPC with loops and one shots.
Intro B:
Belush takes over from Glad to introduce, burn and host B side. Record engraved to scratch his voice, a bit of finger drumming and beatmaking for this intro.
Soul Square:
Uploaded for the first time in late 2012. Only a few records used but it is the occasion to highlight their very good releases and their collaboration with Fisto. His album “Futur Vintage” was one of my favorite records at that time. WARNING: King Heenok is hidden somewhere :D.
Concerning the MPC, I was often asked what I was doing with it. To make it harder, I used Soul Square’s first 12” B3 track called “Remix me” to create the intro of this part of the mix. There’s also a simplified finger drumming version of this. It is the most difficult freestyle I’ve ever done.
Not only C2C because the selection ranges from 2001 with 20syl and Hocus Pocus records to the release of Tetra on vinyl. A true time travel with breakbeats, jazzy and a few electro sounds at the end. Intensive use of the MPC and the breakbeat called “Flying Saucer 3”. I did the contrary. I started with finger drumming freestyles that I finally adapted to the mix. So for this part there’s an intro that mimics C2C’s victory at DMC2004 and an interlude with 20syl’s voice.
Stats and gear:
- One sheet of paper and a pen
- 48 records available for an estimated weight of 13 kilos
- Vestax PDX2000 with Shure M44-7 cartridges.
- Gemini UMX9
- Radial J33
- Vinyl recorder T560