Zwaar Klote / Shears / Pislarven ‎– Another Police Related Death

UPS (3) ‎– UPStape#2


Zwaar Klote (Studio)
A1 Zwaar Klote Outsider
A2 Zwaar Klote Workaholic
A3 Zwaar Klote South America
A4 Zwaar Klote Death To Humanity
A5 Zwaar Klote Killing The Innocent
A6 Zwaar Klote Limboland
A7 Zwaar Klote Animal Abuse
Shears (Live 7-6-'97)
A8 Shears Cuentos De Violencia
A9 Shears A Pile Of Lies, A Pile Of Shit
A10 Shears Fracture
A11 Shears Wall Of Sadness
A12 Shears We The Devided
Shears (Studio)
B1 Shears To Want Not To Have To
B2 Shears Ho Scelto Di Non Scegliere
Pislarven (Live in Parkhof 27-5-'95)
B3 Pislarven Werkeloos
B4 Pislarven Voor Jou
B5 Pislarven 't Heb Geen Nut
B6 Pislarven 't Jaar 2000
B7 Pislarven Viva Hippies
B8 Pislarven Wat Wij Wille
B9 Pislarven FotoMoHoere
B10 Pislarven Niks Te Zuipe
Pislarven (Live In Parkhof 11-2-'95)
B11 Pislarven Speed
B12 Pislarven Snekke
B13 Pislarven Te Jong


Zwaar Klote with Studio recordings, Shears live and studio '97 and Pislarven '95 live recordings.
Comes with folded A4 lyric sheet.
First released 1997 with Soesterberg address, later copies with Leusden address.