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Your destination for record collecting

Discogs is an essential tool for music fans and record collectors at any step in their journey, from resources to explore artists’ discographies of music releases to tools that help you organize and build your collection. Discogs’ discography database and global online marketplace of vinyl, CDs, and cassettes from collectors and sellers worldwide puts music discovery and must-have records at your fingertips. Whether you’re searching for something rare, a popular classic, or anticipating a new release, Discogs brings together a global community of music fans and record collectors, helping each other on their own unique journey to dig deep and find and share the music they love.


a descriptive catalog of musical recordings, particularly those of a particular performer or composer considered as a body of work.

Connecting music lovers around the globe

Discogs began with a mission to document the history of recorded music in a user-generated database. This continually growing wealth of data now serves as the vital foundation of all Discogs services. Through knowledge-sharing and an open marketplace, the Database connects a global community of people seeking an elevated relationship with music.


A user-generated Discography database

Discogs Discography Database contains more than:








Preserving recorded music history

With the help of over 602,000 contributors since 2000, Discogs has become a highly respected, crowdsourced discography destination that serves as one of the most trusted resources for music collectors, sellers, researchers, and casual music fans alike. There are over 15 million releases and over 8 million artists cataloged, and the Discogs Database continues to grow every day.

Cultivating the world’s largest music marketplace

The Discogs Marketplace connects buyers and sellers across the globe, ranging from store owners to specialty collectors to aspiring collectors. With more than 62 million items available from thousands of sellers, Discogs is the premier online shop for popular new releases, rare collectible finds, and everything in between. Since the Marketplace is built on top of the comprehensive Discogs Database, sellers are able to list their inventory with ease and buyers can find the exact version they are seeking.