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Discogs’ Commitment to a Safe and Trusted Marketplace

Discogs is focused on you and the music

That is why we are committed to ensuring a safe and trusted marketplace for you to discover, buy, and sell music. The Marketplace connects buyers and sellers across the globe, ranging from record store owners to specialty collectors to avid music fans. With more than 70 million items available from thousands of sellers, Discogs is a premier online shop for popular new records, rare collectible finds, and everything in between.

Trusted community building a trusted music resource

No two versions of a music release are the same, and their differences tell a story. This is why Discogs’ growing community of dedicated music collectors and sellers has been diligently cataloging artists’ discographies and musical releases since 2000. As a result, the Marketplace is built on the definitive database of music information.

Sales and pricing data transparency

Everyone wants to know they are getting a fair deal, which is why historical sales and pricing data for items sold on Discogs is free and open to the public. Since prices are set by sellers and agreed upon by buyers, this sales data is seen as a trusted industry standard for pricing pre-owned and collectible physical formats.

Dedicated support team

We all get stuck sometimes, and Discogs Support is dedicated to helping unstick music fans, collectors, and sellers so they can get back into the groove. If you need help, our team is available to provide relevant documentation and solutions to your problems.

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Combatting scams

After a recent increase in scammers across many online marketplaces, Discogs immediately introduced successful countermeasures to reduce attempted fraud. These include a more robust seller identification process and additional resources to make it easier to report concerns.


Seller identification

We are rolling out new seller account identification measures to ensure overall marketplace security and regulatory compliance, such as a temporary waiting period for new sellers and requirements for additional information from accounts who sell large amounts of music on Discogs.


Account security

Security and data protection are very important to Discogs because you should feel confident in your transactions and communications on the site. You can add an additional layer of protection by enabling two-factor authentication on your account.

Discover more music with Discogs

Discogs is an online database and marketplace of music releases that has been helping any enthusiast — from casual fan to professional collector — enjoy music in a more personal and meaningful way since 2000.

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