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Revolutionize Your Record Collecting with Wantlister

Welcome to Wantlister, the powerful tool that transforms your Discogs Wantlist into a dynamic, personalized experience. With advanced filters and real-time notifications, Wantlister is designed to elevate your record collecting journey, whether you are hunting for rare vinyl or managing your growing collection.


Enhanced Shopping

Shop for the records on your Wantlist directly through Wantlister and easily add new music to your collection.


Seamless Integration

Know that you are always up-to-date because Wantlister syncs effortlessly with your existing Wantlist.


Customizable Filters

Curate your Wantlist by condition, format, pricing, and more to focus on your most sought-after releases. Intelligent filters reduce repetitive listings highlighting new, relevant records.


Flexible Notifications

Choose how and when you receive real-time alerts or Daily Digests when the records you desire are available for purchase. Organize the music on your Wantlist by release, artist, and format with filters targeting the exact versions you want to collect.

How to Use Wantlister

Wantlister is a powerful tool that allows you to create filters and customize email alerts when items in your Wantlist are available for sale on Discogs. Learn how to create your first filters, then set up Daily Digest and realtime notification emails. Next, understand how Wantlister provides a new experience for shopping the music in your Wantlist.

How to Create Your First Filter


Filters allow you to curate your Daily Digests, realtime notifications, and Wantlister shopping experience by specific parameters. To set up your first filter, select the button at the top of your screen and choose the criteria that best match the releases you want.

In the example provided, we set up a filter that limits Wantlist items to sellers in the United States with at least 20 ratings. Additionally, we add minimum media and sleeve conditions, while still allowing results with sleeveless media and generic sleeves. We then name the filter and add it to the Daily Digest, a daily email that includes available items based on your filters.

How to Create Additional Filters

You can set up more than one filter to receive a mix of available items. Simply select the filter button, select new criteria, enter a new filter name, and save.

How Filters Appear in Daily Digests

Your Daily Digest is a daily email that features a summary of new releases available for sale on Discogs. If you select multiple filters to be included in your Daily Digest, they will appear as different sections.

How to Set Up Realtime Notifications

Realtime notifications are emails sent as soon as an item matching a filter is available to purchase on Discogs. You can create a realtime notification by setting up a filter for a specific artist or release. These are particularly helpful when paired with parameters for maximum price and condition. Be sure to select reatime notifications, enter a new filter name, and save to activate. 

How to Shop Directly from Wantlister

Wantlister provides an all-new view for shopping items directly from your Wantlist. Once you visit Wantlister, you will automatically find all of the releases for sale based on any filters you created. Select the three dots next to a release’s title to filter the results by items from a single seller or by all versions available in the Marketplace for that release.

Unleash the Power of Your Wantlist

Start using Wantlister today to ensure you are alerted immediately when the records you want the most are listed for sale on Discogs.