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Revolutionize Your Record Collecting with Wantlister

Enjoy Personalized Alerts and Advanced Filtering for Your Discogs Wantlist

Welcome to Wantlister, the powerful new tool that transforms your Discogs Wantlist into a dynamic, personalized experience. Wantlister is designed to elevate your record-collecting journey, whether you are hunting for rare vinyl or managing your growing collection. With advanced filters and real-time notifications, finding your next favorite record has never been easier.

Unleash the Power of Your Wantlist

Wantlister ensures you are alerted immediately when the records you want the most are listed for sale on Discogs, making your collecting journey more streamlined and efficient.


Enhanced Shopping Experience

Shop for the records on your Wantlist directly through Wantlister and easily add new music to your collection


Seamless Integration

Know that you are always up-to-date because Wantlister syncs effortlessly with your existing Wantlist.


Customizable Filters

Curate your Wantlist by condition, format, pricing, and more to focus on your most sought-after releases. Intelligent filters reduce repetitive listings highlighting new, relevant records and providing a streamlined experience.


Flexible Notifications

Choose how and when you receive real-time or scheduled alerts when the records you desire are available for purchase. Organize the music on your Wantlist by release, artist, and format into multiple lists targeting the records you really want to collect.

EARLY Access

Wantlister is currently in a test phase

A small group of users are currently testing Wantlister as we work to integrate it seamlessly into Discogs. While these features are not yet available to the entire Discogs community, we are rolling them out quickly to ensure everyone can access Wantlister. We understand your excitement, and we’re dedicated to bringing these enhancements to all users as swiftly as possible. Stay tuned for more updates.

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