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Discogs Is Retiring VinylHub

Discogs is committed to supporting independent record stores and showcasing their importance within the global record-collecting community.

Unfortunately, VinylHub will be retired in February 2023, which means it will no longer be accessible via desktop browser or mobile app. However, Discogs’ Independent Record Store Directory will serve as your new source for information about record stores around the world.

Why is Discogs retiring VinylHub?

VinylHub was the victim of increased spam activity and Discogs experienced issues moderating the service’s content. We want to maintain a safe online environment for users, so we created the Independent Record Store Directory.

Where can I go to learn more about record stores?

Discover new stores around the world with the Independent Record Store Directory. Use the map to browse stores, or filter your search by country, city, or specialization. View store profiles to learn more about the store in its owner’s words, understand what they stock, see hours of operation, look at photos, and visit their Discogs shop.

I’m a record store owner. How can I add my store to the directory?

Record store owners can register their shops for the directory. With your help, Discogs will surface the details that make your store unique. Fill out the simple form to tell record collectors more about your shop, list the genres and formats you carry, and share photos. The directory puts the power in the hands of store owners who can provide direct updates to their shop’s profile and share more information about their offerings.