Liverpool's Anathema, started out in the early '90s as strictly a doom metal outfit, with the requisite growled vocals and the trademark muddy sound, but when original singer Darren White left the band in 1995, with guitarist Vincent Cavanagh taking the reins, Anathema started their slow journey into completely uncharted (and unexpected) territory. In fact, Anathema's metamorphosis over the past decade is one of the most remarkable band transformations in recent memory, as album after album has sounded more and more progressive and melodic, in no small part fueled by Cavanagh's superb singing voice. 2001's A Fine Day to Exit, aided by excellent songs like Release and Pressure, was an artistic breakthrough, as the band completely shed themselves of their metal roots, while still putting out powerful, brooding atmospheric rock.

On 22 September 2020 the band announced that they would go on an indefinite hiatus.


l.o.r. 036-93 Anathema - Serenades album art Anathema Serenades (Album) Peaceville l.o.r. 036-93 Poland 1993 Sell This Version
21 0177 - 2 Anathema - The Silent Enigma album art Anathema The Silent Enigma (Album) Peaceville 21 0177 - 2 Czech Republic 1995 Sell This Version
TVILE 64 Anathema - Eternity album art Anathema Eternity (Album) Peaceville TVILE 64 Europe 1996 Sell This Version
MASS 0590 Anathema - Alternative 4 album art Anathema Alternative 4 (Album) Peaceville MASS 0590 Poland 1998 Sell This Version
CDMFN 250 Anathema - Judgement album art Anathema Judgement (Album) Music For Nations CDMFN 250 UK 1999 Sell This Version
VICP-61522 Anathema - A Fine Day To Exit album art Anathema A Fine Day To Exit (Album) Music For Nations, Music For Nations VICP-61522 Japan 2001 Sell This Version
MASS 0936 Anathema - A Natural Disaster album art Anathema A Natural Disaster (Album) Music For Nations MASS 0936 Poland 2003 Sell This Version
KSCOPE106 Anathema - Hindsight album art Anathema Hindsight (Album) Kscope KSCOPE106 UK 2008 Sell This Version
kscope145p Anathema - We're Here Because We're Here album art Anathema We're Here Because We're Here (Album) Kscope kscope145p UK 2010 Sell This Version
ICARUS 841 Anathema - Falling Deeper album art Anathema Falling Deeper (Album, Comp) Kscope ICARUS 841 Argentina 2011 Sell This Version
KSCOPE824 Anathema - Weather Systems album art Anathema Weather Systems (Album) Kscope, Kscope KSCOPE824 UK 2012 Sell This Version
KSCOPE266, kscope266 Anathema - Universal album art Anathema Universal (Album) Kscope, Kscope KSCOPE266, kscope266 UK & Europe 2013 Sell This Version
KSCOPE301 Anathema - Distant Satellites album art Anathema Distant Satellites (Album) Kscope KSCOPE301 Poland 2014 Sell This Version
GQXS-90068 Anathema - A Sort Of Homecoming album art Anathema A Sort Of Homecoming (Album) Kscope GQXS-90068 Japan 2015 Sell This Version
KSCOPE944 Anathema - The Optimist album art Anathema The Optimist (Album) Kscope KSCOPE944 Europe 2017 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

VILE 36T Anathema - The Crestfallen EP album art Anathema The Crestfallen EP (EP) Peaceville VILE 36T UK 1992 Sell This Version
9205 Anathema - They Die / Crestfallen album art Anathema They Die / Crestfallen(7", Single) Witchhunt Records 9205 Switzerland 1992 Sell This Version
CC6 Anathema - The Sweet Suffering album art Anathema The Sweet Suffering(7", TP) Peaceville CC6 UK 1994 Sell This Version
CC6 Anathema - We Are The Bible album art Anathema We Are The Bible(7", Single, Club, Ltd, Pur) Peaceville CC6 UK 1994 Sell This Version
none Anathema - Pentecost III album art Anathema Pentecost III (EP) Peaceville none UK 1994 Sell This Version
CDVILE 54 Anathema - Alternative Future E.P. album art Anathema Alternative Future E.P.(CD, EP, Promo, Car) Peaceville CDVILE 54 UK 1998 Sell This Version
CDKUT 179 Anathema - Make It Right album art Anathema Make It Right(CD, Single, Promo) Music For Nations CDKUT 179 UK 1999 Sell This Version
ZDPROMO99022 Anathema - Deep album art Anathema Deep(CD, Single, Promo) Music For Nations ZDPROMO99022 Netherlands 1999 Sell This Version
CDKUT189 Anathema - Pressure album art Anathema Pressure(CD, Single, Promo) Music For Nations CDKUT189 UK 2001 Sell This Version
none Anathema A Simple Mistake(File, MP3, Single) Not On Label none UK 2007

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September 29, 2019
There are 1,000's of doom metal bands to chose from, ana_thema made the right choice..........


October 25, 2012
I couldn't agree with shanecotee more; eofor's review is so bad it should be removed, or at least ignored by all readers. This is a band that played death/doom metal brilliantly for several albums, then "grew up" and started a gradual evolution to a new sound. Their musicianship, songwriting skills, variety of sounds/moods evoked by their songs, and the melodic subtlety and beauty of their music increased with each release. Their first few albums are like a history lesson about a great young death metal band - rough around the edges but mastering the genre quickly, and outgrowing it just as quickly. Their mid-career sound, never devolving as described in the first review but reaching new heights with a heavy sound and clean vocals, reached its pinnacle with the brilliant "Alternative 4" - another great album and guidepost in the evolution of their sound. Their latest albums show some signs of the original Anathema to the careful listener, but because of their lineup changes and conscious decision to develop a more melodic, mature, progressive sound, they seem almost the work of a different band - and in this reviewer's opinion a better one. While I love death metal, I applaud Anathema's ability to produce music that reaches the height of skill and intensity in each of the three genres or phases they've progressed through - but nothing they've done matches the sheer beauty, lyrical brilliance, and emotional intensity of their latest albums. "We're Here Because We're Here," and "Weather Systems" are masterpieces - more progressive than metal, and most intense at a deep emotional level, this is one of the most brilliant progressive bands making music today. A visit to any stop along their discography offers the listener great rewards, and some may prefer other phases more than their latest, but for this reviewer, (and in the band's own opinion), they are currently writing and recording the best music they've ever played.


March 15, 2005
edited over 16 years ago
The band profile above is the story as the band likes to present it now. A more critical version goes something like this:

Anathema started out as a young and innovative doom band, part of the "big three" Yorkshire bands along with Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride, who took the metal world by storm first with their demos and after signing with the renowned Peaceville label, with the 1992 "The Crestfallen" EP, which through its monumental, depressive dirges helped define the genre for a generation of doom bands. Three more successful releases followed, but after the uneven "Eternity", the band departed with its edgier sound and degenerated towards a bland alternative rock sound, combining the overblown pathos of Nickelback with the pretentious noodling of Pink Floyd.

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