Enrique Lynch

Argentinean musician and bandleader who relocated to Peru in the 1960s. He was also the artistic director and producer of Sono Radio. In 1962 the Argentinean Enrique Lynch accepted an offer to go to Peru. He was a vocalist who had previously performed with a group called "Los Caribes" that toured Latin America. He never expected that he would adopt Peru as his second homeland, where he would form an orchestra. Lynch worked on Channel 13 in Peru, on the program "Hit De La Una", presented by Enrique Malvenda. Lynch stood out as a musician and arranger and in the 1960s his band backed many young Peruvian singers of the "Nueva Ola". Over the years he ventured into many kinds of music, including rock n' roll, cumbia, guaracha, salsa, Andean music, funk, and disco. He releasing an astonishing amount of albums with his various bands over the span of nearly 3 decades.
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