Real Name:
Dave Sims
Nucleus aka Dave Sims started djing in 1986 mixing and scratching hip hop and funk breaks after hearing Double D and Steinski's Lessons and Grandmaster Flash's Adventures On The Wheels Of Steel, this inspired him to buy a 4-track tape recorder and start making break mixes and hip hop tunes with local rappers.
In about 1988 he started going to raves and clubs like the dungeon, telepathy and then later Paradise Club (awol) and getting into house and early breakbeat ,and djing at parties and raves staying with the music as it evolved through hardcore,jungle to drum and bass.
In 1996 Nucleus started making tunes with Dev Paradox for nine bar records, made 2 12"s and 1 album as Noise and Paradox. In 97 the duo started recording for the legendary Reinforced Records with a 12 Esoteric funk/places and spaces as Nucleus and paradox and a track past,present,future on the Enforcers LP. Followed by another 12 this side of forever/decompositions. At the same time releasing a 12 on 720 records, the Nautilus and Nexus records, Project 2/Persistence of vision as Alaska and Nucleus.
The duo worked on various remixes including 4-Hero for Talking Loud and James Hardway. The next 12 was who? What?/No Spaced Place for Reinforced in 2000, followed by tracks as Nucleus on the deadly chambers Enforcers Lp and a 12 on Reinforced called Gravity Point/Flim flam and a track suspended animation on the Scattered Snares LP on Marc macs Twisted funk label. Over the years Nucleus has Djed at various events in Germany, France, Holland, Hungary, Australia, Switzerland, Norway and UK playing drum and bass,funk,jazz,hip hop,house,disco,breaks,broken beat etc.and had a couple of b-boy break mix tapes/cds out with break DJ Leacy.