Bruce Johnston

Real Name:Bruce Arthur Johnston

Vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, composer and producer from Beverly Hills (CA, USA), born the 27th of June 1942 in Chicago (IL, USA).
His first band was Sleepwalkers together with Kim Fowley and Sandy Nelson. He got fame in the West Coast area of the USA and did several studio appearences. He played bass on Teddy Bears hit single "To Know Him Is To Love Him" and drummed in Ritchie Valens' live band. Then he formed the band The Surf Stompers. Late 1964 he joined The Beach Boys and had great success with the band. In 1972 he left the band and recorded a solo album. In 1979 he returned to The Beach Boys and produced, toured and collaborated with the band ever since.

In Groups:Bob Sled & The Toboggans, Bruce & Terry, Bruce And Jerry, Bruce Johnston Combo, California (3), California Music, The Beach Boys, The Bruce Johnston Surfing Band, The Catalinas (5), The Gamblers (2), The Hot Doggers, The Kustom Kings, The Renegades (11), The Rip Chords, The Rogues (17), The Sidewalk Surfers, The Surf Stompers, The Vettes
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