Barricada is a rock band from Pamplona, Navarra (Spain) formed in 1982 in the neighborhood of Txantrea disctrict. With 21 albums to date and countless concerts behind them is one of the groups with more years in the Spanish rock scene, they received a Diamond Disc for selling over a million records over their career.

First line-up in 1981: Enrique Villareal "El Drogas" (bass, vocals), Mikel Astrain (drums), Sergio Osés (guitar, vocals) and Javier Hernández "El Boni" (guitar, vocals).
Sergio Osés (1982-1983) substitute was Alfredo Piedrafita to the end of the band.
Mikel died in 1984, and was substituted by Fernando Coronado (ex-Landrú).


S-120 Barricada - Noche De Rock & Roll album art Barricada Noche De Rock & Roll (Album) Soñua, Nafarrock S-120 Spain 1983 Sell This Version
S-135 Barricada - Barrio Conflictivo album art Barricada Barrio Conflictivo (Album) Soñua S-135 Spain 1984 Sell This Version
PL - 35544, PL-35544 Barricada - No Hay Tregua album art Barricada No Hay Tregua (Album) RCA, RCA PL - 35544, PL-35544 Spain 1986 Sell This Version
832 040-1 Barricada - No Sé Que Hacer Contigo album art Barricada No Sé Que Hacer Contigo (Album) Mercury 832 040-1 Spain 1987 Sell This Version
834 847-4 Barricada - Rojo album art Barricada Rojo (Album) Mercury 834 847-4 Spain 1988 Sell This Version
0602435869360 Barricada - Pasión Por El Ruido album art Barricada Pasión Por El Ruido (Album) Mercury 0602435869360 Spain 1989 Sell This Version
842 721-4 Barricada - Doble Directo album art Barricada Doble Directo (Comp, Album) Mercury, Mercury 842 721-4 Spain 1990 Sell This Version
510 299-2 Barricada - Por Instinto album art Barricada Por Instinto (Album) Mercury 510 299-2 Spain 1991 Sell This Version
512 821-1, 512 821 1 Barricada - Balas Blancas album art Barricada Balas Blancas (Album) Mercury, Mercury 512 821-1, 512 821 1 Spain 1992 Sell This Version
518985-1, 5189851 Barricada - La Araña album art Barricada La Araña (Album) Mercury, Mercury 518985-1, 5189851 Spain 1994 Sell This Version
532 646-2 Barricada - Insolencia album art Barricada Insolencia (Album) Mercury 532 646-2 Spain 1996 Sell This Version
534543-2 Barricada - Salud Y Rocanrol album art Barricada Salud Y Rocanrol (Album) Mercury 534543-2 Spain 1997 Sell This Version
8573828274 Barricada - Acción Directa album art Barricada Acción Directa (Album) DRO 8573828274 Spain 2000 Sell This Version
0927448574 Barricada - Bésame... album art Barricada Bésame... (Album) DRO, DRO, DRO 0927448574 Germany 2002 Sell This Version
5046716762 Barricada - Hombre Mate Hombre album art Barricada Hombre Mate Hombre (Album) DRO 5046716762 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
51011 4347 2 Barricada - Latidos Y Mordiscos album art Barricada Latidos Y Mordiscos (Album) DRO 51011 4347 2 Spain 2006 Sell This Version
2564692637 Barricada - Otra Noche Sin Dormir  album art Rosendo, Barricada & Aurora Beltrán Rosendo, Barricada & Aurora Beltrán - Otra Noche Sin Dormir (Album) DRO 2564692637 Europe 2008 Sell This Version
2564687356 Barricada - La Tierra Está Sorda album art Barricada La Tierra Está Sorda (Album) DRO 2564687356 Spain 2009 Sell This Version
2564676021 Barricada - En La Memoria album art Barricada En La Memoria(CD, Album + DVD-V) DRO 2564676021 Spain 2010 Sell This Version
2564660372 Barricada - Flechas Cardinales album art Barricada Flechas Cardinales (Album) DRO 2564660372 Spain 2012 Sell This Version
2564654406 Barricada - Quedan Caminos Por Recorrer album art Barricada Quedan Caminos Por Recorrer(CD, Album) DRO 2564654406 Spain 2012 Sell This Version
2564632173 Barricada - Agur album art Barricada Agur (Album) DRO 2564632173 Spain 2014 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

NAF 03 Barricada - Noche De Rock And Roll  album art Barricada Noche De Rock And Roll (7", Single) Soñua, Nafarrock NAF 03 Spain 1983 Sell This Version
SS-135 Barricada - Noche En La Ciudad album art Barricada Noche En La Ciudad(7", Single, Promo) Soñua SS-135 Spain 1984 Sell This Version
SS-135-B Barricada - Lentejuelas album art Barricada Lentejuelas(7", Single) Soñua SS-135-B Spain 1985 Sell This Version