Jean Knight

Real Name:Jean Audrey Caliste

American Soul/R&B/Funk Singer
Born: January 26, 1943, Crescent City, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Died: November 22, 2023, Tampa, Florida, USA

Jean Knight was a significant figure in the American soul, R&B, and funk music scene. Her career in music began in 1965, but she only rose to fame after signing a contract with Stax Records in 1970. Her most notable hit from this period was "Mr. Big Stuff," which achieved a No. 2 spot on the US charts.
During the second half of the 1970s, Knight was primarily seen performing on stage. In 1981, she re-emerged in the singles market, releasing new music and continuing her recording career. From the 1990s onwards, Knight focused more on live performances, though she continued to release music until the end of the decade.
Knight's contributions to the R&B, funk, and soul genres were marked by her distinctive voice and captivating performances. Her legacy is remembered through her enduring hit "Mr. Big Stuff" and her influence on the development of soul and funk music. , Wikipedia , Imdb , Who Sampled
Aliases:Jean Caliste
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