Tommaso Tozzi

Tommaso Tozzi

Real Name:
Tommaso Tozzi
Artist, underground musician, author (amongst others) of graffiti, Urban Art, happenings, multimedia installations. University professor currently working at Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence/Italy, in academical year 2015/16 he was teaching "Theory and Method of Mass Media" and "Net Art".

- "Happening Interattivi Sottosoglia" [Interactive Underground Happenings] (Firenze, 1989)
- created the "Hacker Art BBS" (1990)
- co-founder of the italian "Cyberpunk" network (1991)
- "Opposizioni" [Oppositions] ‘80 (Amen, 1991)
-"Happening Digitali Interattivi" [Interactive Digital Happenings] (Wide Records, 1992)
- co-founder of the italian "Cybernet" (1993)
- creator of the first global "netstrike" (1995)
- "Arte di Opposizione" [Opposition Art] (Shake Edizioni, 2008)
- together with Strano Network "Net strike, no copyright, etc" (AAA Edizioni, 1996)
- "Nubi all'orizzonte" [Clouds on the Horizon] (Castelvecchi Editore, 1996)
- with A. Di Corinto "Hacktivism – La libertà nelle maglie della rete" [Freedom in the meshes of the Net] (Manifesto Libri, 2002)
- since 2004 creator and responsible director of the EduEDA project (ex-Wikiartpedia) – The EDUcational Encyclopedia of Digital Arts
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TT4 Tommaso Tozzi Happening Digitali Interattivi(CD-ROM, Ltd, Mixed + Floppy, WAV, 3,5", Mixed, MID) Not On Label TT4 Italy 1992 Sell This Version