Tetsuro Yasunaga

Real Name:
安永哲郎 (Tetsuro Yasunaga)
Tetsuro Yasunaga was born in 1976. He started performing music in '99, playing electronics in the electroacoustic unit Minamo. At the same time, as a founding member of the Cubic Music and Cubicfabric labels, he began producing and releasing albums and curating events. Yasunaga later did session work with the likes of Ami Yoshida and Utah Kawasaki. His current projects include the audiovisual unit Voima, with Yasufumi Suzuki, and the slowcore band Helll, with Asuna and Sakiyo Tobita. In addition to his many live gigs in Japan (mainly Tokyo), he tours in cities in America, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Macedonia, and so on. In 2004 Yasunaga produced Soundsleep, an installation employing a "howling system" made from computers and tapes, and put on a private exhibition of the same name (at Appel in Kyodo, Tokyo).
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SDBC-002 Tetsuro Yasunaga - Dombient Night at the Uplink Factory album art Tetsuro Yasunaga, Cal Lyall Tetsuro Yasunaga, Cal Lyall - Dombient Night at the Uplink Factory(File, AIFF, MP3, Album) Subvalent SDBC-002 Japan 2013

Singles & EPs

none Tetsuro Yasunaga - Orange Juice And Ice Cubes album art Tetsuro Yasunaga Orange Juice And Ice Cubes(File, MP3, Single, 128) Tu M'p3 none Italy 2002