English rock band formed in Oxford in 1988. With their first records, Ride created a unique wall of sound that relied on massive, trembling distortion in the vein of My Bloody Valentine but with a simpler, more direct melodic approach. The shatteringly loud, droning neo-psychedelia the band performed was dubbed shoegazing by the British press because the bandmembers stared at their pedals while they performed. Along with their initial influence, My Bloody Valentine, Ride stood apart from the shoegazing pack, primarily because of their keen sense of songcraft and dynamics. For a while, the band was proclaimed the last great hope of British rock, but they fell from the spotlight nearly as quickly as they entered it. , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , X , Wikipedia , YouTube ,
Members:Andy Bell (2), Loz Colbert, Mark Gardener, Steve Queralt




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